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When you think of Mountain Lake PBS, you probably think first of the shows you watch, like Poldark, Frontline, Newshour, Antiques Roadshow, Nova, Sesame Street, and so many more. But, there is another side to Mountain Lake PBS that you might not see, one that transforms lives.

This is Thérèse.

Thérèse was born and raised in Montreal. She has a bachelor’s degree in English literature with a minor in French and a master’s degree in library studies. Thérèse was on her way to a successful career when her life changed forever.

Thérèse was the victim of a sexual assault.

“My world literally came crashing down. I was going through the motions, functioning, going to work – but it was killing me.”

Unable to climb out of her depression, Thérèse became suicidal and was at a crossroads: continue to climb the career ladder or take a leave of absence and try to heal. She opted for the latter.

That was 25 years ago.

After leaving her career Thérèse struggled, but in many ways, she considers herself blessed. Thanks to her education and inner-strength, she knew she had to keep her mind active and maintain her sense of self. She visited libraries, she frequented museums and when she was at home, she tuned in to Mountain Lake PBS.

“PBS has been a godsend to me,” Thérèse recounts. “I cannot tell you how many days all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed and die. But then I would find myself distracted by something on PBS – simple things like the life of a honey badger, or watching a famous person discover their roots – and this would remind me how beautiful our world can be if we remember to take the time to look.”

Through PBS, Thérèse found renowned self-help specialists like Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. “When you’re on a tight budget, it is extremely hard to access therapy. Mountain Lake PBS opened the door to my healing. Even when I felt incredible despair, listening to these experts made me feel like I was never alone and that I could do something about my situation. You cannot imagine what a difference this has made to my life.”

Although Thérèse pinches every penny, she understands the importance of giving back and makes a point of donating to Mountain Lake PBS whenever she can. She has also designated Mountain Lake PBS as the beneficiary of her estate when the time comes.

Mountain Lake PBS is the extraordinary community resource that it is because of YOU. The kind of educational engagement offered by this station, with our mission of public service, means better lives for everyone in our community. Whether by inspiring someone at risk of falling through the cracks… reaching a senior citizen who lives alone… or offering a single parent free resources to help their child grow… Mountain Lake PBS works to improve the lives of thousands of people across our region. That is only possible because YOU make it happen.

To support Mountain Lake PBS today, on Giving Tuesday, you can give a gift online right now, or call us at the station at 518-563-9770.

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Thank you for making Mountain Lake PBS possible.

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