Young Montreal Designers are making waves and setting trends for 2016

Montreal is known not only for its ethnic diversity, but also for the vibrant creativity and energy of its young professionals. Young people are always looking for ways to express themselves, inspire and bring out the best in others. One of the best venues to channel this energy is in the Fashion Design sphere – a field upon which one’s success depends heavily on passion, dedication and time.

 2016 promises to be a particularly interesting year in the world of design and fashion in Quebec as a new generation of consumers are increasingly interested in understanding by whom, how and under what working conditions the products and services they consume come from. Designers find exposure not only through traditional mediums and social media, but also through various events that are open to the scrutiny of industry professionals and general public alike. (Recent notable events include the glitzy  Fashion Preview, the champagne evenings at the Crystal Hotel, the National Women’s Show as well as the numerous spring collection launch parties scattered around town.)

The road to fame is rarely straight and often one must wear many hats to find success. To learn some trade secrets, I had the chance to interview four driven, young and ambitious design professionals that are currently making waves among their peers and shaking up the Montreal Fashion scene. Here are their fascinating stories and wise words of advice below:

Name: M De Latour

Position: Communications Consultant at M De Latour – Media,

Hair Stylist at J’aime Coiffure : 1550 Rue Gilford, Montréal, QC

Fresh from a two years trip abroad in London to perfect his cutting and coloration skills alongside masters such as Gary Ingham, George Northwood, Bradley Taylor and Richard Stepney, this multi-talented musician – turned successful fashion marketer and PR agent is currently a trendy hair stylist at J’aime Coiffure specializing in modern, precision cuts and styles. Amid a pristine salon decor and a warm cup of tea, M De Latour eyes sparkle as he shares his inspiring story between a wash, dry, cut and style.

Why do you like styling hair?

I took an interest in hair styling at the early age of 8-9 when I found pleasure in pampering my grandmother’s hair. She would ask me to color and blow dry it for her. However, I’ve only decided to turn this passion of mine into a career since the past five years. Currently, what interests me the most in hair styling is the potential for facial metamorphosis. It is fascinating to me that by just making someone’s hair straight, wavy, curly or mixed, it will drastically alter their facial features. There are so many ways of creating and recreating various looks: modern, professional, grungy, punk, messy, bed head, chic, luxurious, voluminous… The possibilities are endless, and this principle applies to any hair length.

Tell me a little about your artistic background:

I have a long answer for this one as I have done several things before starting hair styling. From the age of 15, musical studies brought lots of joy and creativity to my life which continued throughout my acceptance at the prestigious Vincent D’ Indy music college and the University of Montreal in clarinet interpretation. I would say my path as a musician was successful for the emotional and lyrical beauty I was able to offer as a performer, however I did experience a certain social isolation and thus decided to change course and follow another passion of mine: Fashion Marketing.

Renowned Quebec designer Denis Gagnon hired me for 3 fabulous years as his personal assistant, PR manager and sales representative. Under his wing, I’ve helped him realize amazing projects such as his exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, his  partnership with Bedo and Lancôme Paris, his dazzling fashion show at Birks, the opening of his boutique in the Old Port all the while taking care of his sales and day to day tasks. This amazing experience left me with a desire to collaborate with other designers. I left Denis to be a freelance fashion PR agent. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Barila, Tavan & Mitto, Duy, UNTTLD, Anastasia Lomonova, Lyn, Martin Lim, Hip & Bone, Emanuela Lolli (Fashion Preview) and Nisse (which is still a current client of mine).

At that time, I was working solo on all those projects and I realized at a point that I was carrying too much on my shoulders and started thinking about a change of career… Yet again!

I renounced taking contracts and went to study hairdressing at L’École Des Métiers Des Faubourgs. Once my studies completed, I went overseas on a 2 years London venture to perfect my cutting & coloring skills. Learning and working alongside star professionals such as Gary Ingham, George Northwood, Bradley Taylor and Richard Stepney helped me to develop confidence in my skills and qualities. (Let me tell you, hairdressing is ALL about confidence and precision).  My time in London also afforded me the fabulous opportunity of dealing with high profiled clients such as Paul McCartney, Rowan Atkinson, Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Alexa Chung.

What is the biggest challenge in a hairdressing career?

It’s personal, however for me the biggest challenge would be to remain patient and stable. Being a person that loves to try everything and constantly learn, I find it difficult to just remain in one place; however it is vital if you wish to develop a faithful clientele that shall follow you. During my training in London, I worked at 6 different hair parlors. Here in Montreal, I need to arm myself with courage, patience and lots of good will to ensure the growth of my clientele – one cut or color at a time.

Any words of advice for aspiring hair stylists?  

BE PATIENT ! Work hard, complete your projects whatever they are, arm yourself with charisma and kindness, take as many specialty classes as you can and ultimately, the most important strength is to just believe in yourself.

Name: Carmen Popescu

Position: Founder at NemräC Style