YATAI MTL, Chợ Đêm MTL, and Pocha Mtl Returns to Montreal: A Celebration of Asian Street Food !

Montrealers have developed a passionate affair with street food. From sizzling poutine to fragrant banh mi, the city’s diverse food scene tantalizes taste buds and celebrates the vibrant flavors found at every corner.

Foodies equally anticipate the arrival of Yatai Mtl, Chợ Đêm and Pocha Mtl this summer as these three Asian centered vibrant food festivals will bring the authentic flavors and vibrant cultures of Japan, Vietnam, and Korea to the heart of the city.

YATAI MTL, the highly anticipated event dedicated to Japanese street food, made it’s grand return to the city for it’s 4th edition.

From June 8th to 11th, 2023, food enthusiasts and culture aficionados were invited to Les Quais au Bassin Peel, a new location in Griffintown, to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other.

Featuring a tantalizing menu of Japanese street food, YATAI MTL captivate the senses of Montrealers over the course of four exhilarating days with plenty of vendors, food and outdoor activities to enjoy :


With over a dozen culinary kiosks showcasing their delectable creations, attendees had the opportunity to indulge in an array of authentic dishes that captured the essence of Japan’s vibrant street food scene.

But it doesn’t stop there. More than twenty merchant kiosks and exhibitors were also present, offering an extensive range of Japanese products to discover and explore. From traditional handicrafts to innovative gadgets, the exhibition immersed visitors in the rich cultural tapestry of Japan, providing a unique shopping experience unlike any other.

Beyond the culinary delights and shopping extravaganza, YATAI MTL featured a diverse cultural program designed to entertain and educate.

With twelve activities on the schedule, attendees can discover various aspects of Japanese culture. From captivating dance and musical performances to interactive workshops, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Tickets to YATAI MTL were priced at a mere $3, granting access to everyone to a world of culinary delights, cultural experiences, and unique shopping opportunities.

For animal lovers, YATAI MTL was thrilled to announce that dogs were welcome on-site, allowing furry friends to join in on the festivities and share in the joyous atmosphere.

Shiba Inu owners were happy to converge on the Yatai Mtl site this weekend. Photo by Monica Wong

Year after year, YATAI MTL has garnered a loyal following, attracting over 25,000 enthusiasts and curious individuals eager to experience the magic of Japanese street food and culture.

This year’s edition was their most exciting yet, with new surprises and delights awaiting visitors at every turn.

Learn more : https://www.yataimtl.com/

A celebration of culture, identity, food and more with the first edition of Chợ Đêm MTL, a Vietnamese street food market.


June 15th to 18th , 2023: Sun, Thu, Fri, Sat.

Chợ Đêm is a celebration of Vietnamese cultural identity in Quebec in the form of a grand night market. It is a unifying event where Vietnamese cuisine will be showcased along with a grand marketplace and numerous cultural activities.

Over the course of 4 days, visitors to the market can enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors of the unique market. 

Beyond the food, the festival will also feature a retail space and cultural activities. 

Learn more: https://chodem-mtl.com/

Korean BBQ, kogos, K-pop and more at this three-day fest in Griffintown.


July 6th to 9th, 2023

Griffintown hosts another edition of POCHA MTL, a combination street food market and cultural fest, where you can enjoy Korean food faves like fried chicken and kogos, plus Sanchae bibimbap and Korean tacos served up by guest chefs from South Korea. 

This colorful community-oriented event unites local businesses and performers at the MR-63 lot at the corner of Peel Street and Ottawa Street (be sure check out those old métro wagons)!

Not only delicious food is in the spotlight, but catchy K-pop tunes, dance troops and breakout sessions set the stage for festive days and evenings.

Guaranteed good times!

Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/pochamtl

Quai du Bassin Peel


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  • Different forms of payment methods are accepted at these outdoor events

Entry tickets can be purchased using credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

Food kiosks and vendors accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash. *** Please note that the payment methods may vary from one kiosk to another.

Bars only accept credit cards and debit cards.

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