White Pine Camp restored to former Adirondack Great Camp glory

Look in every corner of the Adirondacks and you will find at least one of the Park’s iconic, Great Camps. And while some spared no expense, not all of the Great Camps went overboard on size & style. Some smaller camps were also built that traded rustic opulence for a rustic setting. Our Derek Muirden introduces us to just such a place, a modest Great Camp, whose location and solitude made it a popular summer getaway for many, including an American President.
Learn more: info@whitepinecamp.com

Howie Kirschenbaum has written a book detailing the revival of White Pine Camp called “The Saga of an Adirondack Great Camp and Summer White House” which is available online at the Adirondack Architectural Heritage website at www.aarch.org

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