Where Am I?

This is a pretty simple question I find I am asking myself on a daily basis.  I know where I am… geographically: Plattsburgh, NY. Coordinates: 44°41′43″N 73°27′30″W.  Current Temp: COLD.

But as a new arrival to the area, the question needs a more elaborate answer.  Our broadcasting area is diverse, diffuse and deceptive.  From Quebec and Montreal down to Ticonderoga.  Across Lake Champlain in Vermont and up into the deep, cloud piercing mountains of the Adirondacks.  It is linguistically, culturally and historically diverse.

I’ve thrown myself into studying the area, like a foreign visitor.  I spent the previous 10 years working for the Japanese Public Broadcaster, NHK in Tokyo.  It is a radical change.  And a fantastic one!

I have learned a lot.  Through the local programming we broadcast here on MLPBS, I have learned about everything from the tragic Heroin Crisis in the North Country to the abundance of amazing characters living in our broadcast area: artists, parents, business people and educators.  It is a list of unique individuals as great in number as the population of the area.

Our goal here is to tell those stories.  To tell YOUR stories.  The stories that make this area what it is and what it will yet become.

As the “Internet-guy” here at MLPBS, I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you, and hearing your point of view, your thoughts and your story.  Each week I will share mine and focus on some of the content I find engaging. I look forward to your thoughts on the stories we should tell next.

So, where am I?  I’m on the other side of this digital conversation.  I invite you to be a part of it with me.  Say “Hello” in the comment section!

– Kevin

Kevin Cooney is a writer, reporter, and digital-dude. Recently re-patriated to beautiful Northern NY.

  1. After a decade of watching your various forms of media, it’s wonderful to see it continue on. Now my children can laugh and learn from one of the best. Keep at it Kevin

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