What Is Pride Month, and How Can We Talk About It With Our Kids?

June is Pride Month. What does this mean?

Pride is the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and the LGBTQ+ rights movements. It is dedicated to the self-affirmation, equality, and visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. Many people don’t know how these celebrations began or how best to talk about these topics with their children — whether their kids are LGBTQ+ or not. It is important for our children, and for us, to know that Pride is more than just parades and rainbows. So, how can we openly and authentically discuss these subjects with our kids?

Check out some PBS LearningMedia Resources below (designed for students grades 9-12) that can help you talk with your children about the history of Pride, how to be an ally, and what it means to be part of the LGBTQ+ community.

And for more updated information on local and national advocacy organizations, and documentaries dedicated to telling the stories of the LGBTQ+ community airing June 2021, check out our article Celebrate & Learn About LGBTQ+ Pride All Month Long!

The LGBTQ Movement and Stonewall Riots

In this video, learn about the LGBTQ Movement, the Stonewall riot and its enduring impact. Using video, discussion questions, and classroom activities, students can explore LGBTQ history, examine cause and effect, and create an argument-based claim.

The Pursuit: 50 Years in the Fight for LGBT Rights

The Pursuit is a reflection on 50 years in the fight for LGBT rights. Contrasting stories from LGBT experiences past and present, a complex and vibrant picture emerges that demonstrates both how far the community has come and how far there is left to go.

LGBTQ Allies and Advocates

In this video from First Person: Classroom, Naima and Jeannine talk about the how to be an effective ally and advocate for transitioning students. Using video, discussion questions and teaching tips, learn why being an ally for LGBTQ students — even if you’re not perfect — helps to make you a better ally for all students. Just do your best to show up!

LGBTQ Identity: Early Grades Support Guide

Creating an inclusive environment where students feel safe and respected is essential to ensure that all children are able to thrive in the classroom. This support guide is designed to help you understand gender expression and identity in young students and help you make your learning spaces more inclusive.

Advice for LGBTQ Youth

In this video from First Person, LGBTQ activists, playwrights and producers give advice to young people on how to navigate coming out, advocate for themselves, find community, and love who they are.

All Oppression is Connected

Staceyann Chin describes her intersectional philosophy on oppression in this video from First Person. The video and discussion questions in this resource challenge you to think about how various social issues are connected and the importance of unity among members of different equality movements.

Additional Resources

For additional resources check out the Understanding LGBTQ+ Identity: A Toolkit for Educators or visit https://ny.pbslearningmedia.org.