We’re Still Here | Watch & Wonder Weekly Highlight

Friday, October 27, 2 PM

For next week’s Watch & Wonder Highlight, we’re thrilled to feature the film We’re Still Here. After watching, dive deeper with resources that expand and challenge current understandings of Native identity and communities through language and culture stories on PBS LearningMedia.

First Nation indigenous Hip Hop artists in Canada lead an effort to right long-standing social injustices, heal personal traumas, and preserve their cultures, in a cutting edge and poignant look at how Hip-Hop plays an important role in transforming the lives of both musicians, their audiences, and communities. We’re Still Here weaves engaging interviews with powerful live performances and street demonstrations, portraying the challenges and journeys also shared by Native Americans as well as other marginalized populations across the United States.

PBS LearningMedia

Prayers in a Song: Learning Language Through Hip-Hop | The Ways

Grades 6-12
How are language and culture informed by location? In “Prayers in a Song” Minneapolis-based hip-hop artist Tall Paul (Paul Wenell Jr.) raps about his struggle to learn his indigenous language, Anishinaabemowin. Learn about his journey toward a deeper understanding of his Native identity. This resource is part of The Ways, a collection of educational media resources from PBS Wisconsin Education for middle and high school classrooms. The collection explores connections between traditional ways and those of today and expands and challenges current understanding of Native identity and communities through language and culture stories from First Nations communities around the central Great Lakes.

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