Vladimir Kornéev’s first solo show in French ‘La Vie en Piaf’: A Mesmerizing Tribute to the French legend.

In a heartfelt homage to the iconic French singer Edith Piaf, Vladimir Kornéev, a Georgian-born singer, pianist, and actor, captivated audiences with his remarkable talent and deep appreciation for Piaf’s legacy.

His debut French solo show, “La Vie en Piaf,” graced the stage of Place des Arts‘ la 5e Salle over two enchanting evenings, including a special Valentine’s Day performance.

Vladimir Kornéev performing at Place des Arts

From the moment Kornéev took the stage, his presence exuded a sense of reverence for the legendary artist. With a vocal range that seemed boundless and a commanding stage presence, he effortlessly transported the audience into the timeless world of Piaf’s music.

Kornéev’s mastery of breath control was particularly notable, allowing him to sustain notes with an unmatched clarity and much emotive power.

The concert featured a carefully curated selection of Piaf’s most beloved classics, including “La Vie en Rose,” “Mon Dieu,” and “Non, je ne regrette rien.” However, what truly set Kornéev’s performance apart was his inclusion of lesser-known songs that Piaf had sung during her early years on the streets of Paris, offering a fresh perspective on the artist’s journey and influences.

Kornéev’s interpretation of Piaf’s repertoire was both reverent and innovative, breathing new life into timeless melodies while staying true to the essence of the original compositions.

He playfully and effortlessly blended classic melodies with jazz accents. His rendition of each song was infused with emotion and paired with skilled mimes. Drawing from his skills and experience in acting, he transported the audience to the romantic streets of Paris and the smoky cabarets where Piaf first captured the hearts and souls of listeners.

Having premiered in Berlin to critical acclaim, Kornéev’s “La Vie en Piaf” made its highly anticipated French debut in Montreal. The transition to the French version of the show felt seamless, with Kornéev capturing the essence of Piaf’s language and spirit.

His French-exclusive performance didn’t come effortlessly. During a delightful interaction with the audience, Kornéev revealed his diligent efforts in learning French with a private tutor since August. The fruits of his labor were evident as his voice, distinguished by his unique accent, reverberated with a profound authenticity throughout the performance, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

As described by the Berliner Morgenpost, his voice is “unbelievably nuanced” across several octaves, embodying the rich tapestry of emotions that define Piaf’s music.

Beyond paying homage to Piaf, Kornéev also offered glimpses of his own artistic journey, intertwining his personal experiences with the universal themes of love, loss, and resilience that are synonymous with Piaf’s music.

In doing so, he created a deeply immersive experience that connected everyone in the room on a profound, emotional level.

In conclusion, Vladimir Kornéev’s “La Vie en Piaf” was a mesmerizing tribute to Edith Piaf, showcasing the enduring power and universal appeal of her music.

With his unmatched vocal abilities and sincere interpretation, Kornéev compelled the audience to rise to their feet with four encore performances, unmistakably demonstrating his remarkable tribute to Piaf’s enduring classics.

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