Vets Coming Home | Rebuilding

The conflict in Vietnam was perhaps the most defining and divisive periods of American history since the Civil War. It touched the lives of every adult alive during that time period, whether they were in favor of the war, opposed to it, fighting in it, or some combination of all three. “Rebuilding” shares how the Vietnam war affected the lives of two North Country locals, one who fought in the war, and one who protested the war. Richard and Phyllis share stories of how the war changed them at the time, and how it still influences their lives today. Producer Michael Hansen brings us the story as part of our Veterans Coming Home series, Mountain Lake PBS’ year-long public media campaign that looks at the challenges and community divide facing many veterans returning home from serving in our nation’s wars.

Veterans Coming Home is made possible with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting with local support from the Cloudsplitter Foundation and Casella Resource Solutions.