Veteran’s Day Programming

Many veterans are still feeling the effects of their service long after they return home. Adjusting to life at home can be difficult for them and their families. Mountain Lake PBS’ ongoing series Veterans Coming Home explores the lives of veterans after they return home.

Hear their inspiring stories, and learn how our communities are responding to their needs. Watch Veterans Coming Home and other interviews, documentaries and more at

Veterans Day Segments

Special Mountain Lake Journal (11-9-18): On a special Veterans Day episode of Mountain Lake Journal, photojournalist Michael Hansen and host Thom Hallock follow Flight #26, a group of 15 veterans from the North Country and Vermont on their Honor Flight.

Mountain Lake Journal (10-18-13): A community salutes local World War II Veterans. 

Turning A Mess Into A Message

A pair of traumatic accidents while he served left Scott with an alcohol problem and increasingly unable to deal with life at home. He became in his own words “a horrible father and a horrible husband”. Scott’s life started to turn for the better after a series of visits to the Brattleboro Retreat and when he met Dash, his service dog from the Service Dog Project.

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is helping servicemen and women who are trying to adjust to life back home after serving in Iraq & Afghanistan. Readjusting to civilian life can present significant stress for veterans, the transition is filled with complicated and confusing challenges. Homeward Bound Adirondacks is a non-profit group assisting Veterans with services that include equine therapy. As part of our on-going Veterans Coming Home campaign at Mountain Lake PBS, producer Michael Hansen introduces us to Valerie Ainsworth, a clinical social worker and therapist who assists veterans and their families using horses.

Honor Flight

Volunteers are planning as many as 5 flights this year to take World War 2 Veterans to the national memorial built in their honor in Washington, D.C. The Director of North Country Honor Flight, Barrie Finnegan, joins us to discuss the on-going efforts to locate WWII Veterans, and raise money to continue to fund the flights. Watch a bonus clip here of our interview with Barrie Finnegan. He talks about the involvement of SUNY Plattsburgh students who are assisting with social media and fundraising.

To learn more about the Honor Flights, how to volunteer, donate, or attend one of the send-offs for the Veterans:


Facebook: New North Country Honor Flight Facebook Page.