Serviceman Talks about Living with PTSD

Scott Aubin from Chazy, NY was never in a war zone, but still witnessed two horrific events while he was serving in the United States Air Force, on the flight lines where he worked as a Crew Chief. Aubin says he dealt with the memories of those traumatic experiences, for years, by abusing alcohol. That led to his discharge from the Air Force, broken marriages, and even time in jail. After hitting rock bottom, and a suicide attempt, Aubin was treated for Post-Traumatic Stress and now travels across New York State, and the nation, as a speaker for the Department of Criminal Justice Services TRAUMA program, sharing his story about PTSD and suicide awareness. Scott Aubin joins us to talk about the book he has just co-written and published about his life before and after recovery.

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Learn more about Service Dog Project of Ipswich, MA:
PTSD HelpLine: National Alliance on Mental Illness 1-800-950-NAMI or for PTSD Questions/Support.

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“Knot Today: From Honor, Character and Integrity to Hell. And Back.” Available on

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