Turning A Mess Into A Message

When he was young, planes flew over Scott Aubin’s house everyday out of Plattsburgh’s Strategic Air Command base. He later joined the United States Air Force and became a crew chief. A pair of traumatic accidents while he served left Scott with an alcohol problem and increasingly unable to deal with life at home. He became in his own words “a horrible father and a horrible husband”.

Scott’s life started to turn for the better after a series of visits to the Brattleboro Retreat and when he met Dash, his service dog from the Service Dog Project. Scott now travels New York State sharing his story, hoping to help other veterans and law enforcement officers.

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Veterans Coming Home is made possible with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting with local support from the Cloudsplitter Foundation and Casella Resource Solutions.

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  1. God Bless Scott and Dash for all they go thru on a daily basis, How proud he must feel after turning his life around but so much to have gone thru in his lifetime. God Bless you Scott

  2. And, God Bless Carlene White and all the staff and volunteers at Service Dog Project who provide these amazing Great Danes to Vets with PTSD, with balance problems from injuries and to others in need. Please visit them at explore.org and see how you can contribute. The dogs they provide, they provide free of charge. SDP has helped dozens like Scott and with your help will continue to do so. Thank you too Scott for sharing your amazing story and for your service.

  3. Scott not only makes the Founder of SDP ,Carlene , but also the dedicated volunteers of SDP ,and every single person that watches the livecams .. known as the Camera People (CPs) so extremely PROUD .. well honored really !!! ..
    Scott & Mz Dash are truly “Paying It Forward” !! …. Bravo ! Standing “O” Bravo! ……
    THANK-YOU to PBS , #VetsComingHome , Mountain Lake Journal , Cloudsplitter Foundation , and Casella Resource Solutions. For helping Scott & Ms Dash expand their message and continue the mission of “Paying It Forward”!!!!
    Note Mz Dash’s 1st home at Service Dog Project is a 100% TRUE Non-profit … SDP charges ZERO to the recipients of these fully trained & wonderful Great Danes. They operate/run on the occasional grants and Donations by CPs .. SDP breeds , raises , and trains the Danes on Carlene’s 12 Acres “Farm” in Ipswich Mass . and the Danes Choose their forever & ever human!
    Please check them out at :
    .. and the spectacular Livecams (24/7) at :

  4. I’m so very proud of Scott and Dash. Although we’ve never met in person, so proud to call him my friend. Keep up the great work you are doing for all Veteran’s. You’ve got this, Scott and Dash…..<3

  5. Hello Scott. So proud that you are going around telling your story. You are not only helping people, but also veterans. I hope the Lord keeps you and Dash well so you can continue to spread the word. I am sorry I missed you telling your story at SDP this weekend, but Carlene posted where we could all listen to you telling your story.
    Thank you Scott and Dash!

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