La Ronde Fright Fest

Trick or Treat? The spookiest time of the year has finally arrived in Montreal !

While kiddies may dream of collecting the most candy and dressing up as their favorite hero or cartoon character… Us adults may seek to “bump it up a notch” on the scare level factor by seeking out interactive, thrilling and impactful new fright experiences.

Have no fear: Gen’s Delights presents several frightfully fun activities to try this Halloween season with your family and friends.

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1: Fright Fest at La Ronde

Every weekend from October 6th to October 28th, La Ronde will host its terrifying Fright Fest where vampires, ghosts and zombies walk freely among the park’s various attractions.

This year La Ronde will once again welcome you to the dark interiors of its numerous haunted houses and into their Zombie zone that will await visitors young and old with much ghoulish anticipation …

Enjoy thrills and activities for the whole family during the day, including entertainment for the littlest ones with Ribambelle and friends who welcome toddlers at the Little Pumpkin Patch.

When night falls after 6 pm it’s officially Terror time and the park will becomes a frightfully entertaining place for mature audiences only!

With over 100 incredibly disguised entertainers and dozens of liters of fake blood, the ghouls will be set free for their daily hunting rituals.

BEWARE! There is no place to hide!

WhenOctober 6th to October 28th, 2018

Where: La Ronde (map).

CostAdmission details.

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Le Grand Bal des citrouilles 2018 au Jardin Botanique de Montreal
  1. Gardens of Light and Great Pumpkin Ball at Botanical Gardens

An annual event at the Botanical Garden, young and old can take a stroll among the hundreds of dazzling Chinese lanterns, stop by the Great Pumpkin Ball, with its ever-popular pumpkin-decorating contest and meet Esmeralda, the friendly witch, and her clever magic spells!

Don’t leave the Garden without popping in to see the Little Monsters Courtyard, where all-new play structures await.

The Great Pumpkin Ball takes place daily, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Running until October 31st 2018

WhereMontreal Botanical Garden

Cost: Same price as admission to the Botanical Garden.


  1. Foire de l’Horreur

The ( Foire de l’horreur ) situated a stone throw away from the Cosmodôme is one of Canada’s largest mobile theme parks, offering it’s visitors a multi-sensory horror filled journey with live actors and escape room challenges contained in a dark winding labyrinth .

With various animatronics and themed rooms, you will face breathtaking #4D multi-sensory decors that are sure to give you chills!  Two different scare levels are available to make the experience family friendly, although I highly recommend the activity for children over the age of ten.  💆‍♂️💆‍♀️💇‍♂️💇‍♀️

Along the way you might have to get your hands dirty, squeeze through tight passages, experience the exorcism live and escape from a chainsaw wielding psycho!

My friend Alexandre Michaud and I tried both levels and we can assure you that we definitely didn’t leave unscathed!

The Foire de l’horreur’s runs until November 4th.

Centropolis in Laval : 1799 Avenue Pierre- Peladeau. Laval , Qc, H7T2Y5

Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 4pm to 10pm
Saturday, Sunday | 1pm to 10 pm

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  1. Malefycia


Another extreme Halloween event for mature audiences only: the Malefycia  experience is a fully immersive and tactile #horror experience complete with numerous theatrically trained live actors and stunning film-like decor, (Trust me, you won’t even know where to start looking!).

With themes that closely resemble an American Horror Story and with their interactive theatrical walk-through that mirrors New York’s famed “Sleep no More” , you will get to experience extreme thrills while walking through the twisted, dark universe of Malefycia where you will interact up-close with the strange inhabitants of Zone 4 :  come close and personal with freaks of the underworld and various members of the twisted family of inbreeding that will guide you ( not always gently ! ) through a dark series of corridors where human experimentation knows no boundaries !

Your ‘charming host”

Of course, no one leaves unscathed without a ritualistic blood bath!

A normal entry will grant you access to the activity and DJ music filled waiting room , however for the ultimate experience, treat yourself to FAST PASS access or the ultimate VIP unlimited drink and offered snacks package !

To book your spot and for more info:

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Spot on Travel:

For those currently or planning to travel around Central Europe, do not miss your chance to see the touring exhibit on the The Barbarity of Torture / Replicas of 16th-18th century torture devices currently on display at the Museum of the City History in the Old Town Hall of Bratislava, Slovakia !

Housed within the stone walls of the Old Town Hall: with it’s splendid courtyard, Baroque clock tower and well-preserved prison dungeons, the exhibit, (on loan from Poland), offers visitors a unique, authentic atmosphere and a rare glimpse at medieval life.

Visitors can marvel at 54 replicas of torture devices and instruments that appeared between the 16th and 18th centuries. The replicas were made from the original plans, illustrations and historical documents found in Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries. Among the items on display are the “Virgin of Nuremberg” (better known to English people as the “Iron Maiden”), the Cradle, chastity belts and racks. These three-dimensional exhibits are accompanied by contemporary illustrations and comprehensive explanatory texts in English.

For more information please visit:

CHI energy intro workshop

CHI ENERGY Workshop for the conscious artist

Need a relaxing and re-energizing break after all these frightfully fun Halloween activities?

Sign up for an invigorating CHI ENERGY Workshop, led by Canadian award winning Film Director Patricia Chica.

Patricia has developed her own method, “Chi Energy” that incorporates many energy elements from different cultures. Chica noticed the effectiveness of the method in heightening the abilities of the entire cast and crew, and started to teach this method to other actors and directors. Now, before any production, she hosts a compulsory 4-hour Chi Energy workshop with her entire cast and crew.

Patricia Chica

The 4 hour introduction CHI ENERGY Workshop for the conscious artist is ideal for anyone in the creative entertainment field: However the techniques taught and used during the class can easily be applied and useful to individuals from all walks of life to help them connect with different aspects and levels of their innate energy.

Some of the exercises that participants were asked to perform include

A Guided meditation with a Tibetan bowl / Gong. :  Participants were asked to define a positive intention or one positive powerful word that resonates with something you want to achieve or overcome during the workshop.

– Participants were invited to sit in a circle of trust and introduce themselves to others clockwise. The exercise created an “anticipation of the order” that everyone was expected to speak in . This order was then disrupted in order to shake up the focus and concentration levels to bring the mind to the present.

– Participants are asked to pair up and embody the characteristics of either the wind or of a freshly fallen maple leaf. Through mental and physical energy exchange, they have to move around the room. This exercise uses the power of silent communication to interact with others.

Other exercises involved movement, exploring the properties of the 7 energy centers in interaction with other participants or by exchanging through improv with other participants.


Upcoming Workshops include :

October 26: Chi Energy Intro Class

Register HERE

October 27 (morning): 

Silent Hike on the Mont-Royal, Chi Energy Meditation and Visualization.

Register HERE

October 27-28: Level 2 (applying Chi Energy to acting). Must be a graduate of Level 1. Register HERE

To book a one-on-one coaching Session with Patricia Chica (in Montreal or Los Angeles), please write to or call her at +1-310-957-4508


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You could win entry tickets to La Ronde Fright Fest, La Foire de l’Horreur & Malefycia!