Sunlight breaks through the autumn leaves of the trees in the early days of winter

Times are definitely changing !

Life is constantly throwing changes our way: We can feel it in the sudden chill that November brings that announces that winter season is here. We need to adjust our sleep patterns as days grows shorter and our clocks shift an hour. Even the political realm will be subjected to a period of transition with today’s official announcement that the new Presidency will be Democrat.

Change and periods of transition are intrinsically tied to life itself .

This week, Gen’s Delights wishes to explore the groundbreaking opera AS ONE that deals with topics of gender identity crisis and transistion as well as the new Helight sleep lamp that uses red light therapy to help you get a better quality sleep and beat the winter blues…

This November, the Orchestre Classique de Montreal has chosen to explore the topic of gender identity with the groundbreaking Québec premiere of the American chamber operaAs One“, which is a universal story about identity, authenticity and compassion.

I had the pleasure to speak with Taras Kulish – Director General of the OCM, about the upcoming production to be held online and in person from November 20th to December 4th, 2020.

Kulish explained with much pride that this contemporary opera is based on the true trans woman’s life story of acclaimed filmmaker Kimberly Reed. Two singers, a baritone ( Phillip Addis ) and a mezzo-soprano ( Sarah Bissonnette ), portray the character and life experiences of Hannah- from an adolescent perspective until adulthood.

For individuals struggling with issues of gender dysphoria — a conflict between someone’s internal sense of gender and their biological sex at birth, their entire life is spent in constant battle with themselves and others who shun them or might not be as supportive of their lifestyle choices.

Kulish continues to explain that the most dramatic moment of the opera is when the characters sing the names and the countries in which REAL individuals were killed for being transgender…

The topic is groundbreaking as it has never been explored or approached before in the classical world and is relevant to today’s culture as individuals ( even straight ones) struggle on their journey to discover who they are and learn to accept and love themselves.

This semi-staged production presents two voices – Hannah before and Hannah after – who share the part of a sole transgender protagonist. Following the performance, there will be an open forum led by Tranna Wintour with some guest panelists.

As One is currently the most performed contemporary opera in the USA with already over 40 performances, however this will be a Quebec premiere.

Kulish was very enthusiastic about Cirque Eloize being chosen as the location to film and stream the live performance. The high vaulted ceiling and professional filming team of 3 cameramen from Ad Litteram – the production company affiliated with Atma records, will contribute to provide amazing acoustics for all viewers live and online.

Trans rememberence day is celebrated next November 20th , the same day that the opera is to be launched online at 7:30 pm

Tickets are currently on sale now:
➡️ Enjoy from the comfort of your home: $15
Online access to this concert will be available from Nov 20 to Dec 4.

Quebec premiere of the opera AS ONE

Music: Laura Kaminsky
Libretto: Kimberly Reed & Mark Campbell

Phillip Addis, Baritone
Sarah Bissonnette, Mezzo-soprano
OCM String Quartet
Geneviève Leclair, Conductor
Eda Holmes, Stage Director
Tranna Wintour, Spokesperson

Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Canada recently ended on the 1st Sunday in November. For some, the transition of changing their sleeping patterns and having to adapt to shorter days has been a struggle. Furthurmore, with the current Covid-19 pandemic and elections climate – our stress levels have reached an all-time high in North America. We could all benefit from having a higher sleep quality and moments of relaxation.

HELIGHT SLEEP : Fall asleep faster , sleep better.

After two years since it’s official opening in the heart of downtown Montreal , the Helight Center is happy to offer their newly launched Helight Sleep lamp : A red light therapeutic photon lamp , designed and made in France that helps promote a faster and better quality sleep using photobiomodulation technology.

In light of recent scientific discoveries on our circardian cycle and the importance light play on all living beings , sunset red has been attributed the most benefitial component of the light spectrum to prepare the brain for sleep by triggering the the release of melatonin.

Inspired by the work of NASA in the 1960s, which sought a way to regulate the circadian cycle of astronauts who experienced several sunrises and sunsets per day, the Helight Sleep lamp mimicks the components of sunset light by defusing pure 630 nanometers red wavelength light to promote sleep.

This unique solution helps improve sleep quality while reducing the negative effects and consequences of blue light emitted by our electronic devices and other artificial lighting sources.

Some of the other photobiomodulation benefits on the human body include the reducing of stress and reduction of pain due to inflammation, seasonal depression, muscular recovery due to athletic performances, anti-aging, capillary densification and hair loss prevention.

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