Three incredible artists to discover this summer in Montreal :

Art and its many forms have the magical power to drive individuals to social action, influence and shape minds, entertain, and educate. Too often , we shy away from approaching art or jumping into the eclectic world of the artist and prefer viewing pieces from afar as a somewhat elitist and perplexing subject…

Here in Montreal , the city has fully embraced the power of art and is currently showcasing three spectacular exhibitions that delve into the life and art of:


Yayoi Kusama , still prolific at age 93 !

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist and writer who, even at the ripe age of 93 , continues to shine in some of the world’s most prestigious museums!

As part of its 15th anniversary, the Phi Foundation has managed to mount an impressive exhibition of various works by the artist – a FREE ticketed event that will be presented in Montreal from July 6th to January 15th

Across her career Kusama has made thousands of #painting, #sculptures , #performances and #installations in her signature pointillism style.

Throughout her practice , Kusama has drawn on her deeply held fascination with nature and the universe often depicting colorful pumpkins, flowers, biomorphic shapes, cellular patterns, nets and dots 💖

For Kusama, the experience of art is more than just looking…It can also be about stepping into the artwork and being immersed in it, as best represented in her ” Infinity Mirrored Rooms” (below) :

The Infinity rooms are a true marvel to behold…Just be careful where you place your steps, as a pool of water surrounds a thin walkable platform.

According to curator Cheryl Sim, executive director and curator at the Phi Foundation,

Yayoi Kusama is concerned with the loss or separation of her being from her physical body, an existentialist and spiritual concern. She is interested in our relative importance as individuals, in our insignificant place on the scale of the cosmos. It leads us to reflect on death, on our place in the Universe.

This FREE exhibition entitled: “DANCING LIGHTS THAT FLEW OVER THE UNIVERSE” is currently running at Fondation PHI until January 15th 2023.

Please reserve your tickets online from mid- July onwards for the month of August.



« I do not live for myself, but for the generations to come. »

OASIS Immersion, the largest permanent immersive destination in Canada, in collaboration with Montreal’s Normal Studio and the Canadian Paquin Entertainment Group are proud to present VAN GOGH – Distorsion running all summer long at Montreal’s Palais des Congres.

VAN GOGH – Distorsion offers a luminous and contemporary journey through more than 225 paintings, drawings and sketches over three fully immersive rooms.

This exhibit marks a parallel between the recognition of the artist, the posterity of his work and the perspective of a more humanist tomorrow as a legacy to future generations.

Gallery 1: Van Gogh, in exploration mode:

Welcome to the creative universe of Van Gogh. Through rare drawings and sketches, we observe the evolution of his style and his sources of inspiration, with the special relationship he had with his brother as a backdrop, accompanied by an original contemporary soundtrack by Audio Z.

Gallery 2: Van Gogh, multimedia artist:

Imagining what Van Gogh could achieve with today’s creative tools, through presenting generative experiments inspired by recurring themes in his works: night, sun, flowers, colours, fields, nature, in minimalist symbiosis between visual and sound.

Gallery 3: Van Gogh, larger than life:

We are lulled into the luminous and poetic universe of the artist’s greatest masterpieces in one of the largest interactive surfaces in the world ! Sound arrangements by Jean-Sébastien Côté, in collaboration with Emerich Demangel.

Opening Hours for VAN GOGH Distorsions :

  • Monday: 13h00 – 23h00
  • Tuesday: 13h00 – 17h00
  • Wednesday: 13h00 – 17h00, 17h30 – 23h00
  • Thursday, Friday: 10h00 – 23h00
  • Saturday: 09h00 – 23h00
  • Sunday: 09h00 – 13h00, 13h30 – 22h00

For tickets and full hour booking details, please visit : HERE

Frida Kahlo: The Life of an Icon

AN IMMERSIVE BIOGRAPHY -Running June 10th – Sept 5th, 2022

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón was a Mexican painter known for her many portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico .

Come explore this beautiful exhibition that will allow you to discover the life and body of her works through an impressive collection of historical photographs, original films, digital environments, artistic installations, collectors’ items and newly created music that reproduce the most relevant moments of her life, inviting visitors to discover the woman behind the myth…

This truly immersive biographical exhibition about Frida Kahlo is presented without actual reproductions of her paintings with the intention of taking a further step in introducing a new immersive language…\

Frida Kahlo, The Life of an Icon expect to see:

  • 7 transformational spaces
  • 360º Projections
  • Virtual Reality

The exhibition is a co-creation of the Frida Kahlo Corporation and Layers of Reality, and is produced in North America by Primo Entertainment.


  • Tickets for the exhibition Frida Kahlo, The Life of an Icon are only available online.
  • For an additional fee, you can immerse yourself in the world of Frida Kahlo with the latest in virtual reality technology.

For more information please visit :