Canada Day

Montreal and Canada celebrate milestone birthdays this week in grand style. Canada Day is July 1st, and this year is very special, as the nation celebrates its 150th birthday. As Canada turns 150, the city of Montreal is celebrating a big birthday as well, its 375th. The city grew out of Fort Ville-Marie, a colony built by French settlers in 1642. The 375th is being celebrated all year long with festivals and special events that are expected to draw millions of visitors to the city. One of the biggest events was the lighting of the Jacques Cartier Bridge this past weekend. Thousands of spectators filled Old Montreal and lined the St. Lawrence River to watch a spectacular lights and fireworks show. This historic bridge will stay lit for the next decade. For schedule of events celebrating Montreal’s 375th anniversary:

You can also read more from our Mountain Lake PBS blogger, Genevieve Roy, whose Gen’s Delights blog covers events, concerts, restaurants, festivals, and the lifestyle of Montreal.

Canadian Roots

Generations of French & English Canadians, who now live on the U.S. side of the border, are joining in the celebration this Canada Day. Tens of thousands of families in the North Country have Canadian roots. But as the years pass, so have many of the cultural traditions. That’s why several families living along the border now gather a few times a year to celebrate and preserve their heritage. One of those recent gatherings was at the Samuel de Champlain History Center in Champlain, New York. Watch online»

Canada Day Talk

French and Quebec Studies Instructor David Graham from Clinton Community College will give a talk on Canada Day on the history of Canada & Quebec. It will be held on July 1st at 5:30pm at the Champlain Wine Company at 30 City Hall Place in Plattsburgh. And then the City of Plattsburgh & Plattsburgh Blues & Jazz will present Dawn Tyler Watson, Canada’s top blues/jazz musician, who will perform on Saturday, July 1st at 7pm in the Lion’s Club Bandshell in McDonough Park. To learn more:

History Lesson

David Graham joins us to talk about a new project funded by the Lake Champlain Basin Program that will use French-Canadian songs to teach students Canada’s history. Watch online»

Watch a bonus clip with the story of how David’s ancestors, from New Hampshire, ended up living in Quebec. Watch online»

Through Susan’s Window

Derek Muirden is back with another wonderful People Near Here story about a photographer who captures the beauty of Lake Champlain right through her window. Watch online»