The New Face of Heroin

New York’s Governor and the Legislature take aim at the state’s growing heroin epidemic. After hearing months of testimony on the surge in heroin use and addiction, lawmakers pass a series of bills to stem the flow of heroin into New York State, and make it easier for addicts to get treatment. Police and prosecutors say they have seen a huge increase in the amount of heroin, primarily from New York City, turning up in rural communities here in Northern New York.

This week, we look at how local communities, facing a spike in crime, and a serious public health crisis, are fighting back against the heroin crisis, on a special edition of Mountain Lake Journal.

Our guests include Assemblywoman Janet Duprey, Franklin County District Attorney Derek Champagne, Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie, Connie Wille with Champlain Valley Family Center, Dr. Kathleen Camelo with SUNY Plattsburgh, and Kenneth Thayer with CVPH Medical Center.