The Montreal Insectarium has enjoyed a beautiful metamorphosis and is now ready to receive visitors !

Yesterday, Wednesday April 13th, the newly renovated Insectarium de Montréal / Espace pour la vie rolled out the red carpet to welcome visitors after having undergone an extreme transformation over three years !

From decending, winding ant tunnels, vibrating floors, cavernous passages and multi – pixelated screens…Every element of the building’s architecture has been designed to give visitors an unique perception of our world through the eyes of an insect.

Young and old can easily interact with the various “playstations that educate you about an insect’s vision, movement, communication with others, capacity to fly or to cling upside down from a ceiling !

One would say that the experiential nature of the museum – at the same level as insects , allows you to “feel” what it is like to be an insect and upon your exit, gain a new respect for the dexterity and amazing capacities of these tiny creatures.

You will also be able to enjoy an up-close, face to face encounter with live insects at the six terrariums as well as admire over 3000 specimens of butterflies and other insects arranged according to color and evolutionary characteristics under the circular dome :

3000 specimens to observe up-close !

The highlight of your visit will surely be the fascinating walk inside the GRAND VIVARIUM where thousands of free roaming butterflies, beetles and caterpillars will astound you in their natural environment.

As Espace pour la Vie explains: “The result of an international architectural competition, the Insectarium will be the first museum in North America where it will be possible to observe so many species of insects — live (some of them roaming free) and naturalized — through a completely renewed museological approach aimed at transforming and enhancing the public’s relationship with insects.”

To enhance your visitor experience , do not forget to download the free APP that will allow you to have detailed explanations of the various exhibits as well as help you identify the species of insects and fauna you encounter along your journey :

The Montreal insectarium is officially open as of April 13th, 2022

Tickets may be purchased on Espace pour la vie ‘s official  website.

*** Important to note:

  • The site is wheelchair friendly
  • There is parking available on site ( with an extra fee) , however there is no canteen, restaurant or gift shop on site.

Cost: $17 per adult, $13 for students 18 years and older ( Does not give access to the botanical gardens or hothouses)

Address: 4581, rue Sherbrooke E., Montreal, QC

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