The Montreal Biodome has reopened !

After a long two year hiatus and multi-million dollar renovations , the Montreal #Biodome has finally reopened bigger & brighter !

A real gem to discover as a family, you are invited to soak in the view from the brand new spectacular #mezzanine that allows you to discover from above the four ecosystems that hosts a variety of plants and animals from across the #Americas in the heart of the city !

– Tropical Rainforest ( Parrots / Sloths / Monkeys)
– Gulf of the St. Lawrence ( Wide variety of Birds)
– Laurentian Maple Forest ( Beavers, Porcupines, Raccoons, Lynx )
– Labrador Coast and the Sub-Antartic Islands (Penguins !)

Bringing nature indoors presents many challenges and the staff’s main goal is focusing on conservation and educating the public about the fragility of nature. With their $37 million building upgrade , the Biodome is focused on increasing their education and species preservation programs.

The newly installed BIO-Machine LAB allows young and old to learn about conservation efforts, vetenary services, feeding methods and also to have a first hand look at how births are handled within the ecosystems: Twenty new species are currently being bred withing the facilities such as the Panamanian golden toads, the capybara and the golden lion tamarin.

The Biodome has been reopened to the public since Aug. 31st, 2020.

Tickets may be purchased online or in person. Admission for kids under 4 is free and so is entry for those accompanying those in wheelchairs.

*Special packages are available for those who also wish to visit the adjoining Botanical Gardens / Espace pour la Vie.

Strict Covid-19 prevention measures of frequent hand washing / disinfecting , social distancing and wearing masks is enforced at all times .

For more info on the Biodome, Espace pour la Vie , opening hours and admission costs please visit :

*Photos by Genevieve PM Roy and Monica Wong