THE GLITCH welcomes CLODELLE for their 3rd edition !

The Glitch_PLAGUE hosted by MYRAÏ LAVOIE and ROYAL VISION is an eclectic event centered around glitzy fashion, punctuated by musical performances and dance numbers.

For its third edition – held this Wednesday January 25th, under the theme PLAGUE, the team are proud to welcome musical celebrity pop-trap, songbird CLODELLE to the stage :


Event producers Myrai Lavoie and Royal Vision are a true power duo: For this third edition of The Glitch, they have joined their creative forces with the MAD Collectif.

"M.A.D. Collective,are proud to participate in this creative collaboration and supports the influence of artists involved in the worlds of fashion, music and visual arts. 
Collaborating with this beautiful event and its creative team is at the heart of the spirit of the Collective,”

                     Chantal Durivage, Founder, M.A.D. Collective
Time Supper Club Mtl

Together the trio will transform Montreal’s iconic Time Supper Club as their new playground.

Placed under the theme: Plague , the night will feature the talents of singer Clodelle, the fashions of Guillaum Chaigne and Moroccan designer Mael Smail Akdim and the hypnotic dancing of Les Aguicheuses and Les Amuses Girls !

“No need to be just like the others… No need to fit in… Just create your own path… Believe in yourself and never forget to love others and be kind. ” 

Myraï Lavoie, the Queen of Hearts.
Myraï Lavoie, the Queen of Hearts.


Guests and attendees are invited to dress up in striking clothes that reflect the iridescent colors of the rainbow with patterns and pastel shades .

* (See pictures below for color palette inspiration )


This extraordinary third edition promises to be spectacular with the best of local fashion, dance and music:

Fashion designer : Guillaum Chaigne

Les Aguicheuses

Moroccan designer Mael Smail Akdim

Les Amuse Girls

THE GLITCH 3rd edition: PLAGUE

Date and hour:

Wed, Jan 25th, 2023 at 7:30 PM – Thu, Jan 26, 2023, 3:00 AM EST


Time Supper Club 997 Rue Saint-Jacques Montreal, QC H3C 1G6

For more information please visit :