The charming residence-gallery SRIIZ surprises at every corner !

It’s not everyday you get to visit a home that has been 100% transformed into a Fine Art gallery…

That’s what curator and owner Alain Lachance has done with his larger than life residence-gallery, SRIIZ.

This exceptional home, unique in Quebec and located in St-Lambert, is a modern living space entirely dedicated to new contemporary art.

This truly unique residence-gallery is more than just a simple museum or a gallery: it is a haven of art that beats to the rhythm of everyday life where every piece of decorative art on display from the living room, the kitchen, the office, the gym, to the bathrooms and even the walk-in closet in the bedroom (filled with cherry branded accessories ), is on sale.

Alain Lachance is a passionate art lover, designer and architect of ideas. It is through the fruitful collaboration between numerous painters, sculptors, interior designers and real estate brokers that he managed to realize his vision of opening the SRIIZ gallery at the beginning of 2020.

Every curated piece in Lachance’s over 200 piece collection has been personally purchased by the owner based on market potential, personal preference and the unique perspective of the world that his selected artists have captured.

One of the gallery’s latest additions are the stunning High Fashion photography prints by Canadian-American fashion and portrait photographer Richard Bernardin (featured above).

Influenced by his studies in film and photography, Bernadin’s sensually charged works have been featured in various international editions of ELLE, Vogue, Grazia, Rolling Stones, and Maxim.

At SRIIZ gallery, the works have also been brilliantly recreated in larger than life format on canvass by artist Didier.


From Bernardin exclusive prints and Didier’s canvass recreations to the numerous stunning femme fatales by Sebastien Rio and many others amazing artists on display ( JOA , Adornetto etc..) , you are sure to find a piece that will capture your imagination and heart !

It is possible to book a tour of the gallery, situated in Ville Saint Lambert, and having a personalized tour led by Alain himself, by visiting the SRIIZ main website: