The Challenge of Poverty Across the Nation and In Our Region

As we join together across the nation to eat and be thankful with our families, our thoughts turn to those who may be going with less or little on their table, not just on Thanksgiving but everyday of the year.  We highlight some programming that turns the focus on those across the nation and in our local community that face financial hardship.


Coming November 22nd, at 10 pm. FRONTLINE explores what poverty means to children and to the country’s future.

FRONTLINE spent months following three young girls who are growing up against the backdrop of their families’ struggles against financial ruin. At a time when one in five American kids lives below the poverty line, Poor Kids is an is an intimate portrait of the economic crisis as it’s rarely seen, through the eyes of children.

Chasing the Dream forum on Mountain Lake Journal

In the North Country families are struggling with poverty.  We recently hosted an engaging hour long forum to discuss with local leaders and community groups the challenges facing our regions neediest.  Watch the full forum here:

Highlighted in the forum are “Backpack” programs that ensure children don’t go hungry in our region.  Watch the video now:

While many of us take it for granted, access to transportation is a huge hurdle for the financially insecure.  We take a look at the challenges of living without a car in our harsh regional climate and rural landscape.

We profile some of the individuals and families having to make those tough decisions. Their name is ALICE. ALICE isn’t a person, but an acronym. Families that are, Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed. ALICE is the United Way’s shorthand for the working poor. They are friends, and neighbors we see every day at work, the store, or our kid’s soccer game. They are people who have jobs, work full-time, and yet are struggling to get by. Many are just a single paycheck or illness away from financial crisis. ALICE is the hidden face of poverty in New York.

Read ALICE Report:

This story is part of our public media partnership with Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America. Major funding is provided by The JPB Foundation. Additional funding is provided by Ford Foundation.