Created and hosted by Marina Cutler, Avenue Art Gallery, the original series, “The Brush Off Project,” will introduce viewers to artists who take part in The Brush Off painting competition and celebrate the role art plays in keeping our minds active. Premiering Friday, March 8th, on Mountain Lake PBS and online, the 4 episodes will broadcast weekly each Friday at 8:00 p.m. on Mountain Lake Journal.

Cutler, who has worked with artists over 20+ years owning art galleries, creating art events and working with collectors, created The Brush Off Competition to encourage emerging artists and help bring attention to Alzheimer’s and the important role art-based projects can have on people living with the disease. The Brush Off Project series came to be after the team at Mountain Lake PBS heard of the competition and saw this as a story to share. Telling the story with award winning documentary producer Chris Wynn, (Forgetful Not Forgotten & Much Too Young) was the final touch.