Connecting the community through the arts

The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts (ALCA) is rising to the challenge this year, keeping the arts alive in spite of significant obstacles.  The center has been enhancing the arts scene in Blue Mountain Lake and neighboring communities since 1967. COVID-19 forced its doors to close in the spring, but online activities aim to keep the community connected. 

General Director George Cordes says the ALCA-Seltzer series includes streams and short videos, showcasing music, drama and even workshops on gardening and cooking.

Adirondack Jazz Orchestra

Spotlight producer Paul Larson spoke with Cordes about activities we may all enjoy, thanks to the ALCA.

If you are interested in learning more about Babes in Toyland composer Victor Herbert, who enjoyed spending time in Lake Placid, you may view a presentation about his life and music online from October 23rd until November 6th.

Madeleine Jansen

Online activities available now include a virtual art gallery with works by Sarah Price, a performance from folk singer Alex Smith, and a yogurt-making workshop.

To discover all the activities available from the ALCA, visit the website.

Nicole Wang

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