Take the Time to Practice Mindfulness With Your Kids

Learning from home is winding down and coming to an end, and with the weather starting to warm-up, the kids might be getting stir-crazy. So, let’s take some time this week to “cool down.” Practicing mindfulness with your kids can be beneficial for everyone. Learn about some different mindfulness exercises below!

Pressing Pause

Mindfulness is the state of being present in the moment. A key principle to this practice is calming your body and mind and paying attention to the sensations around you. Check out some helpful tips on how to do this like deep breathing and going for walks. Learn more

Why Yoga and Kids Go Together

Yoga is about exploring and learning in a fun, safe, and playful way. With yoga, children can learn about their bodies, their breathing, their balance, and how to take better care of themselves physically and mentally! Learn more

Belly Breathing

During stressful or emotional moments, some kids may not have the coping skills to calm themselves. Take a lot at these tips on how to do belly breathing with your kids, and find a way to help both you and your kids to feel calm and grounded. Learn more

Making a Mindfulness Jar or Timer

You’ll need some materials for this one so get the glue and glitter ready! When things get a little crazy, and you and the kids need a little break, use these fun crafting activities to create mindfulness jars and timeout timers. It’s only four easy steps! Learn more

We’re almost to Summer so hang in there and keep up the good work. But remember, it’s okay to take a breather!

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