Take a Journey back to Medieval times!

Passionate about history, historical fashion and cavalry? Want an outing that will fully immerse you, your friends or your entire family in medieval culture?  Gen’s Delights has the perfect events for you!

Jousting is all the rage at the Medieval festival of Lanaudière

The Medieval festival of Lanaudière (Les Médiévales de Lanaudière) will take place this weekend, July 20 and 21 in the town of Assumption in the Lanaudiere region of Quebec.

573 Montée Ste-Marie (37.98 mi)
L’Assomption, Quebec J5W 5E1

Founded in 2014 by Véronique Lortie and Charles Brousseau, this annual event offers a program filled with themed activities such as a great medieval tournament, numerous shows, storytelling, fencing demonstration and several activities for children!

With a solid base of history, terrain and imagination, the goal of the festival is to provide a unique, immersive experience in the Lanaudière region, for local families and visitors to enjoy.

With the air tinged with the smell of burning wood from the traditional style open air campsite, expect to see over 35 exhibitors ( Arms and armors, jewels, leather craftsmen, candle makers, bootmakers and a lot more! ), visit a gypsy cave with professional dancers, learn about live action role playing teams (Grandeur Nature), take pictures with numerous cosplayers ( below ) and try local cuisine cooked in traditional ways.

On Saturday July 20th treat yourself to a medieval banquet night: A sumptuous evening of gastronomy and rejoicing with an all-you-can-eat buffet that serves delicious local produce. Throughout the evening enjoy the sights and festive sounds of three different live artists.

Over the years, the festival has known growing success by promoting fun, interactive learning and showcasing historic know-how, and has become one of the biggest events of its kind in Quebec.

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Salon de la Passion Medieval

Les Médiévales de Lanaudière is also closely linked to the Montreal Salon de la Passion Medieval that takes place annually in Montreal over 3 days in May, with many shared vendors, musicians, visitors and overall activities.


Dress the part:  Spotlight on local medieval costume makers Rouge Tribal

For a complete medieval experience, it is always fun and exciting to dress in costume for a themed festival. 

From knights in shining armor, damsels, ladies of high court or even scary ocres, cosplaying gives you a different appreciation of history and also is a fascinating and educative journey in itself.

One of the feature exhibitors at Les Médiévales de Lanaudière is the power designer duo Rouge Tribal – the fruit of a recent collaboration of two local costume designers , Nancy and Béatrice from Repentigny, who for years, have dressed their friends and family members for Halloween, special events and for large scale Role-Playing weekends.

 It was during one of these role playing events that these two creative artists met and discovered their common passion for costumes and crafts.

From laced corsets, to peasant shirts and beautiful floor sweeping length skirts, Rouge Tribal wishes to give life to the fantasies of their customers by either creating elaborate costumes or by recycling old clothes and giving them a new purpose.

Monica Wong and myself wearing Rouge Tribal cotton tops

Whether you seek a unique cosplay piece or just want to appreciate the art of couture and creativity , feel free to drop by their stand this weekend or visit their website: https://www.facebook.com/rougetribal/

Spotlight on travel:  Malbork’s Medieval Festival in Poland.

In search of something different to do this summer? Imagine three days of thrilling festivities, a unique carnivalesque atmosphere on the grounds of a real European medieval castle.

Welcome to Malbork: As soon as you walk onto the grounds of their annual medieval Festival held on the 4th weekend of July , it’s like stepping back in time

Malbork, a town located in northern Poland, is home to one of the most famous medieval festivals in the region. This festival, known as the Malbork Medieval Festival, transports visitors back in time to the Middle Ages, offering an immersive experience of the era when Malbork Castle, also known as Marienburg Castle, was at its peak.

Three evenings of historical re-enactments on the castle grounds

Historic Setting: The festival takes place in and around the stunning Malbork Castle, which is one of the largest and best-preserved Gothic brick castles in the world. This impressive medieval fortress serves as the perfect backdrop for the event, creating an authentic atmosphere for attendees. Thousands converge on the castle grounds to view the historical reenactment of the siege of Malbork, (Marienburg ) one of the greatest European medieval battles in history.

  The Siege occurred during the Thirteen Years’ War and began on the 26th of July 1410 between the Teutonic Knights and the Kingdom of Poland in Marienburg, the capital of the state of the Teutonic Order and the residence of the Grand Master of the order.  Poland King Jagiełło believed the Knights would surrender quickly and without a fight, however the Knights held out for two months under the leadership of Heinrich von Plauen.

Jousting and Combat Demonstrations:

The reenactment is a spectacular nightly three hours show with artillery battles and melees that features around 200 historical actors, stunt performers, horses, and replicas of medieval weaponry.

One of the highlights of the festival is the thrilling jousting tournaments and combat demonstrations. Knights in shining armor engage in fierce competitions, showcasing their horsemanship and combat skills, much to the delight of the audience.

Gunfire, pyrotechnics and 30 minutes musical fireworks closes the festivities each evening.

The three days of festivities abound in activities such as reenactments of knightly battles, a cavalry battle, crossbow and archery tournaments, artillery shows, special events for children as well as a fair of medieval and artistic craft.

It’s nonstop action at the Malbork medieval festival, both inside and out of the castle grounds. Be sure to also check out the inside of the castle and visit the amber museum, arms and artillery room and climb up the steep turrets for a spectacular view of the festival below where you can watch the musicians, dancers, breathtaking fights, fire spitters and spectacular acrobats in action.

The Malbork Medieval Festival is a delightful and educational experience that attracts history enthusiasts, families, and tourists from around the world. It allows attendees to immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of the Middle Ages while enjoying the picturesque surroundings of Malbork Castle.

Gothic restaurant : A hidden culinary gem!

For a fantastic meal, treat yourself to the fine cuisine of chef Bogdan Gałązka in his Gothic restaurant located in the lower courtyard of Malbork Castle.

The inside is beautifully decorated with vaulted ceiling walls, rustic furniture and an outdoor terrace that overlooks a fresh herb garden from which the cooks select the best spices for their platters.

Expect delicious morsels of homemade breads and well portioned Polish and Eastern European meals following the recipes of the Teutonic order, served on luxurious plates (There is even a special 500 Euro golden plate set!)

Not only is the restaurant vegan and vegetarian friendly, the staff treats each guest like old friends and the chef himself is more than happy to sit down with you and share his best cooking secrets and memorable castle moments with you. 

Last summer, with the generous backing of the Polish and Malbork Tourism Board, my colleague Monica Wong and I embarked on a journey to Malbork, where we had the privilege of immersing ourselves in the festivities firsthand.

Our arrival was met with awe-inspiring sights, as the castle emerged majestically, encircled by a tranquil moat. The festival attendees and the castle’s dedicated staff exuded an infectious blend of enthusiasm, warmth, and a wealth of historical knowledge.

This collective spirit contributed to an enchanting and truly authentic medieval experience, transporting us to another time and place.

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