Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America

Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America is a public media initiative that explores the human stories of poverty and showcases promising solutions. Over 40.6 million Americans are living below the poverty line, including 13.3 million children.

A few decades ago, if you had a job, you probably did not live in poverty. But today, fulltime, well-paying manufacturing and blue-collar jobs that were once a ticket to upward mobility have disappeared, and income disparity is growing. Increasingly, people working full-time in low wage jobs are living in poverty, and today, more and more of those making minimum wage are adults trying to support families. We focus in on what has worked – and is working — to bring people out of poverty, and what lessons we can learn for the future.

Produced in partnership with with Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America. Major funding is provided by The JPB Foundation. Additional funding is provided by Ford Foundation.

Project WE CARE

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