SUNY Plattsburgh Students Suspended

SUNY’s new Chancellor Jim Malatras came to Plattsburgh this week to tour the SUNY Plattsburgh campus, and review the COVID-19 safety guidelines and precautions the school has put in place for returning students. Over the weekend, a large group of freshmen violated several of those rules when they attended a beach party on Lake Champlain, drinking, and ignoring mask and social distancing guidelines. SUNY Plattsburgh President Alexander Enyedi said 43 students have been suspended indefinitely, and will have to leave campus. Chancellor Malatras also announced that Plattsburgh will be one of the first SUNY campuses to begin testing students for COVID-19, using a saliva swab test, developed by SUNY Upstate Medical, that can identify a positive individual within 24-36 hours. SUNY Plattsburgh will collect samples weekly from students living and attending classes on campus, although it’s unclear how often each individual student will be tested.

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