11:00 AM | Decoding the Pyramids | NOVA

Explore the secrets of the Pyramids with NOVA in this groundbreaking look into history. Airs Sunday at 11:00 pm

12:00 PM | Secrets of the Dead | Scanning the Pyramids

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Pyramid of Khufu has amazed people for many centuries. Exploring the heart of the Pyramid, Secrets of the dead will show what is beneath the Pyramids. Secrets of the Dead: Scanning the Pyramids will unveil the adventure behind this revelation in a new documentary premiering Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. on Mountain Lake PBS.

01:00 PM | Egypt’s Treasure Guardians

Egypt is home to many of the most famous archaeological treasures on Earth. But over the last five years, Egypt has suffered a tumultuous revolution and tourist numbers have plummeted. Egypt’s Treasure Guardian discovers more of Egypt’s history, to keep its heritage safe and to get tourists to visit the country again. The episode will premiere on Sunday, February 10, 2019, at 1:00 PM on Mountain Lake PBS.

02:00 PM | Secrets of the Dead | Cleopatra’s Lost Tomb

Will an amateur archaeologist’s theory reveal where the queen’s lost tomb is hidden? Learn more about the legendary queen Cleopatra who ruled the Egyptian Empire on Mountain Lake PBS on Sunday, February 10, at 2:00 PM.

3:30 PM | Tutankhamen and the Golden Age of Pharaos

Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs documents what experts have discovered about the lives and the burials of such legendary figures in world history as King Tut.

3:30 PM | Italy’s Invincible Cities | Naples | Venice | Florence

Historian Dr. Michael Scott embarks on a new adventure to explore the hidden treasures of three of Italy’s astonishing cities – Naples, Venice, and Florence – bringing a fascinating new insight into 2,000 years of history. The series reveals the secret spaces of these extraordinary cities in detail. The new underwater scans of the Bay of Naples reveal the sunken world of a Roman holiday resort, submerged by old earthquakes, then explore Venice and what lies beneath its magnificent palazzos. In Florence, new 3D images of the great cathedral ‘il Duomo’ reveal the beauty and complexity of the pioneering engineering behind the world’s biggest brick dome – a bold feat of ingenuity that defined the Renaissance. The episode will air on Mountain Lake PBS on Sunday, February 10, at 3:00 PM. 6

06:00 PM | Secrets of the Dead | Woman in the Iron Coffin

On October 4, 2011, construction workers were shocked to uncover human remains in an abandoned lot in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens, New York. So great was the level of preservation, witnesses first assumed they had stumbled upon a recent homicide. Forensic analysis, however, revealed a remarkably different story. Buried in an elaborate and expensive iron coffin, the body belonged to a young African American woman who died in the first half of the 19th century, before the Civil War and the federal abolishment of slavery. But who was she?