I have enjoyed my productive summer here at Mountain Lake PBS working as an Advertising/ Marketing intern, as well as helping on Production and Editing pieces and projects at the station. The application process was simple with just a quick email, and after school ended for the year, I had a pleasant interview meeting with my soon to be supervisor Jennifer Kowalczyk, Director of Communications.

I go to school out of state, but am from the area and I grew up with MLPBS in my home. Having my first internship with a familiar organization close to home really helped take away some of the pressure; and the staff around the building was very welcoming and laid back. They helped put my first-job-anxieties to rest.

My work mainly consisted of writing previews, blog posts, press releases, and other articles for the MLPBS website. Summer was the time when MLPBS was refreshing and reorganizing themselves to the rest of the year. The departments were also starting to plan ideas and projects, so being round to help organize the station and support others with the first stages of their projects was really special and educational.

There were some special projects I was apart of. Occasionally, I would be asked to help with camera monitoring or be a lighting assistant on a set. My last project was with another intern and assisting mentor, Kevin Cooney, Digital Producer, where I produced and edited a MLPBS Cooks video, “Campfire Banana Boat S’mores.” That was a fun small project that helped me get more comfortable with my editing skills.

I also enjoyed working with Education & Office Coordinator, Logan Brody, who was working on a special project to help children and caregivers find resources for when children they get scared. I was writing ten-second scripts for MLPBS PSAs, which was a very good challenge for me as a writer.

Working at MLPBS, I learned how to operate on a schedule, use helpful and proficient office/ media posting sites, get a feel for what a (public broadcasting) entertainment organization sees in its audiences and vice versa, and how my future in the entertainment industry will look continuing on this path. I am thankful for what Mountain Lake PBS has helped me understand about myself and my potential as a Communication Arts major. I recommend this internship to all Communication Arts students looking for a well-rounded and productive internship.