Spy in the Ocean: Deep Trouble | Watch & Wonder Weekly Highlight

Monday, November 20, 2 PM

For next week’s Watch & Wonder Highlight, we’re thrilled to feature this episode of Spy in the Ocean. After watching, dive deeper with resources about one of the fascinating animals featured in the show, the marine iguana, a cold-blooded specimens uniquely adapted to thrive in the ocean on PBS LearningMedia.

The ocean depths are full of mysteries, but luckily there are intrepid spies up to the task of discovering them for us. Go on a mission deep beneath the waves in Spy in the Ocean, A Nature Miniseries. In Deep Trouble, spy creatures showcase the challenges of ocean life. From a baby whale in danger and marine iguanas battling storms, to a mantis shrimp’s knockout punch, the spies are never far from trouble.

PBS LearningMedia

Galapagos Marine Iguana | Big Pacific: Voracious

Grades 6-12
The Galapagos Islands are home to the only marine iguanas in the world, cold-blooded specimens uniquely adapted to thrive in the ocean. The marine iguana can hold its breath up to an hour while searching the ocean for algae and seaweed. A flattened tail, sharp claws, and short snout allow the iguana to feed underwater, a rare behavior among reptiles. To filter out the excess salt it inevitably ingests while foraging in the ocean, all the iguana has to do is sneeze. 

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