Mountain Lake PBS viewers will have their ideas of how harp music should sound challenged this week, when Christina Brier and Kathryn Sloat of the duo Lilac 94 appear the Mountain Lake Journal segment “Spotlight.” They will perform music considered radical when it was composed the 1920s, music that still sounds unusual to many listeners in the 21st century.

“Spotlight” producer Paul Larson spent the day with Christina and Kathryn in Saranac, New York, interviewing them and recording a rehearsal. In the “Spotlight” segment, the musicians say they hope to release the first complete recording of the harp piece Pentacle, by Carlos Salzedo. They performed it live for the first time in Saranac this year, as artists in residence of Hill and Hollow Music. “Spotlight,” on Mountain Lake Journal, presents stories about people who shine brightly in the arts. Watch for the segment at 8pm Friday on Mountain Lake PBS.

“Spotlight” is brought to you, in part, by the Glenn and Carol Pearsall Adirondack Foundation, dedicated to improving the quality of life for year-round residents of the Adirondack park.