SMCL 2023 Tickets Unleashed – A Fashion Extravaganza Awaits!

The heartbeat of Montreal’s fashion scene is about to quicken as the talented second-year students from LaSalle College’s Fashion Marketing program proudly unveil the tenth edition of Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle (SMCL). Brace yourselves for an evening of glamour, innovation, and a profound exploration of the fashion industry’s impact on our world.

Taking center stage at the Jean-Paul-Morin Hall this Saturday, November 11th, 2023, SMCL 2023 promises to be a spectacle like no other, featuring three captivating runway shows: Impulse Control, Reality Check, and Mars.

The curtains are set to rise at three different times: 4:00 PM, 6:30 PM, and 8:00 PM, offering a trio of opportunities to immerse yourself in the cutting-edge trends of the fashion world.

Tickets are officially up for grabs! For a mere $25, you can secure your place in the audience, or go all-in with the VIP experience for $40.

Act swiftly; these tickets are disappearing faster than the latest fashion trends! Snatch yours at the Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle website through Eventbrite.

But SMCL 2023 is not just about fabulous attire and jaw-dropping runway walks. This year, the Fashion Marketing students are delving deep into the fabric of societal consciousness. They’re unraveling the threads of sustainability, exploring the intricacies of the manufacturing process, and confronting the looming specter of climate change.

Reality Check

Reality Check

Reality Check holds a mirror to the industry, reflecting the stark contrast between the creators and consumers of fashion.

It’s a poignant reminder that behind every garment lies the craftsmanship of unsung heroes. The students aim to illuminate the realities faced by those who produce our clothes, urging us all to recognize and respect their contributions.

Impulse Control

Impulse Control

In a world dominated by impulsive choices, Impulse Control envisions a future where deliberate decisions reign supreme.

This segment challenges the current trend of fast-paced, mindless consumption and invites us to embrace restraint. Through this showcase, the students weave a narrative that champions thoughtful choices and sustainable practices as the foundation of our future.



Embark on a cosmic journey with Mars, a spellbinding narrative that unfolds on a planet mirroring the harshness of Mars itself.

It’s a saga of survival, strength, and the indomitable spirit of a warrior. Get ready for liftoff as SMCL 2023 transports you to a realm where fashion meets intergalactic adventure.

An Educational Opportunity !

Beyond the glitz and glamour, SMCL 2023 is a testament to LaSalle College’s commitment to providing its students with real-world experience.

The Fashion Presentation course, integral to the third semester of the Fashion Marketing program, empowers students to apply theoretical knowledge in organizing a stellar event.

After party at PALAZO :

Fashion enthusiasts, mark your calendars for November 11th and secure your tickets for an unforgettable evening of style, innovation, and a glimpse into the future of fashion.

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Don’t miss the fashion event of the year – purchase your SMCL 2023 tickets now and be part of a fashion revolution!