Folk singer channels his concerns into new music.

Adirondack folk singer Dan Berggren is urging his relatives and friends to Be Safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

When the fears and shutdowns surrounding the pandemic were still new, Berggren wrote to his friends and fans,  “So what’s a musician to do?  Write a song and share it with you, so you can sing it and pass it on, too.”  Videos of him performing “Be Safe, Be Well,” recorded on his phone, have been viewed by thousands of people.

After the success of the song, which Berggren says he wrote in about 25 minutes, the singer has been recording other songs from his catalogue and posting them online, to entertain and move people who are still feeling isolated during the virus situation.  On occasion, he’ll even update an old song to include a new verse about current events, such as when he added lyrics about a bandana serving as a mask in the fan favorite “Red Bandana.”

The online videos keep Berggren connected to his audience, during a summer when shows promoting his new album, Dan Berggren in Concert, were cancelled.

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Enjoy the following Dan Berggren songs:
Be Safe, Be Well
Red Bandana
Big Beams
Words are Wonderful Things
Hard Times 2020 (adapted from a song by Stephen Foster, with new lyrics by Dan Berggren)

Discover other songs by Dan Berggren on his YouTube channel.

Dan Berggren emerges from the lockdown! 

The musician is looking forward to seeing the public once again next month, after many long weeks away from personal appearances.  You can see Dan Berggren August 1st in Plattsburgh, as part of the new “Curbside to Harborside” drive-in concert series staged at the City of Plattsburgh’s Harborside area adjoining Lake Champlain.  The show begins at 7:30p.m., Saturday, August 1st.

“Curbside to Harborside” events occur on Saturday evenings throughout July and August, and into early September.  Tickets are available (cash only) on the evening of each performance at the Harborside Lot entrance. Vehicles will be parked first-come, first-served by the volunteer parking attendants on site. All attendees must bring with them a face mask to wear whenever they exit their vehicles. No alcohol and no pets will be allowed on site. Refreshments will be available for sale before and during the concerts.

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