Show Your Love On National Parents’ & Guardians’ Day!

July 25th is National Parents’ Day!

In the United States, on the last Sunday in July, we celebrate and honor parents and parental figures of all kinds during National Parents’ Day!

No matter where a parent might be — or how old their kids are — this day serves to acknowledge the important role they play in their children’s lives! It’s a day that aims to promote responsible parenting and recognize positive parental role models. National Parents’ Day celebrates the special bonds of love between parental figures and their children.

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Supporting Our Kids, and Ourselves

On Parenting: How the Pandemic Made Us Better Parents

It’s hard to find silver linings when it comes to COVID-19. There have been overwhelming losses and stressors for families. But what we learned about caring for our kids, about the fun in family time, and the connection to our community can last — if we let it.

3 Ideas for Positive Parenting

As parents, it’s only natural to wonder if we’re doing a good job raising our kids. The truth is, what a child actually needs is a caregiver who shows them love and tries their best. Here are some positive parenting tips to keep in mind as you navigate raising children.

What I’ve Learned as an Adoptive Parent

Read one mom’s story about the things she’s learned by being an adoptive parent, and how its been the greatest honor of her life to get to be a mom to four remarkable kids.

Managing Emotions as Parents

Holding it together during high-stress moments is one of most important skills we can develop as parents, and also one that we’ll probably keep working on most of our lives. Here are some ideas to help you take a moment to stay calm and collected.

On Parenting: It’s OK to Need a Break

Being a parent is rewarding — but also exhausting. Here are some ways to reduce stress, enable more joy, and allow yourself to take a break!

Activities, Crafts & Games

Create a Family Handshake

All Ages
Creating a cute, personalized handshake gives you and your child a secret, special way to communicate and greet each other — and it’s the perfect way to show off the love you share!

Printable Thankful Time Notes | Sesame Street

Grades PreK-K
Celebrate Parents’ Day! Children can use these Sesame Street notes to express thanks and appreciation for the parental figures in their lives.

Family Interview Activity

Grades PreK-3
What is the best thing about being a parent? Use this interview worksheet to help you and your kids express appreciation for family on Parents’ Day!

PBS KIDS Games to Play Together as a Family

Grades PreK-3
Playing games together, whether they are digital games, board games, or party games, are a great way to spend quality time together as a family. Here are our favorite games for children — or the whole family! — to play together.