Shining a Light on interesting weekend activities !

For those staying or visiting Montreal, attractions and events have slowly starting re-emerging for the enjoyment of all.

This weekend, Gen’s Delights would like to recommend a few activities that explore the overall theme of light that you will certainly not want to miss!

Fantasia International Film Festival

Lights, Camera, ACTION !

Running from the 20th of August until September 2nd, the International Fantasia Film Festival is recognized as being the top genre film festival in all of North America.

From retro martial arts, animation, alternative documentaries, dark comedies, fantasy, slasher, romance, science fiction, suspense and Asian horror, there’s a film to please even the most discerning movie goer!

For their 2020 edition, the entire festival is accessible online to Canadian audiences. The program features a series of “on-demand” offerings as well as timed “live” virtual releases alongside special online events.

In honor of this festival’ 24th edition, the opening film was a special screening of Neil Marshall’s recently completed cinematic horror powerhouse : THE RECKONING.

Be sure to visit their website for a complete listing of all their films and events:  full schedule right herealongside the festival’s robust FAQ.

Montreal’s Arsenal Contemporary Art space is currently hosting Cercania, an immersive exhibition from the creative mind of multimedia artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

Inspired by the current pandemic situation, the Mexican designer wished to offer visitors a series of 12 innovative pieces which they could interact with while respecting social distancing measures.

The 12 pieces that comprises Cercania put technology at the forefront and encourage visitors to physically step in, move and cause disruption in the 18,000 square feet of immersive space. Expect to interact with robotic lights, digital fountains that “draws” ephemeral portraits of people with cold water vapour, computerized surveillance cams, shadow play on media walls and telematic networks.

For example, in one of the larger installations, participants movements influence the order of appearance of several lettered sentences – formulated by the sociologist Stuart Hall. These sentences are projected onto dual, large multimedia frescos that are scattered with random alphanumeric letters in constant flux. By moving around the floor space, participants help the projection to “take on a life of its own“.

Cercania ( Digital, immersive and interactive art ) is currently held at L’Arsenal Contemporain : 2020 WILLIAM STREET.


Omega by Night  

Come experience the magic of Parc Omega by night ! Only a short hour and a half drive away from Montreal in Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, Quebec (just 5 minutes north of Montebello), Parc Omega is a vast 12-kilometre (7.5 mi) wild life nature park that is open year round to the public.

During the day, the park offers an original drive-through experience through amazing natural terrain that puts people in direct contact with thousands of wild animals (deer, black bears, buffalos, moose, wolves and other fabulous creatures), that inhabit our Canadian landscape.

At dusk visitors can visit the luminous 1.5 km illuminated night trail (inaugurated last year) that offers guests different interactive experiences with lights in nature. From shadow-play stations, floor lighting , admiring larger than life artistic sculptures or starting an immersive light and sound show in the heart of nature , expect to be surprised at every corner. At the end of your journey, a mesmerizing pack of wolves and their cubs await you under a large silvery moon!

The night trail is open every Friday and Saturday until October 10th 2020. Reservation and purchase online is mandatory. Guests are asked to show up at their selected time and follow the Covid-19 preventive guidelines.

For more information on opening hours, the night trail and overnight onsite accommodation, please visit: Parc Omega