“She” Documentary Premiere

“SHE” is the first feature-length film for Plattsburgh filmmakers Jason Greer & Vanessa Cicarelli, based on the book of poetry by Plattsburgh State Professor Aimee Baker about some of the thousands of “Jane Does”, woman who are missing. or whose unidentified remains have been found. The film premiered this past weekend at the Strand Center Theatre in Plattsburgh. Among the guests were two representatives from the DNA Doe Project, a national non-profit that uses investigative genetic genealogy to identify John and Jane Doe unidentified remains. The group has become the go-to organization many law enforcement agencies and medical examiners have turned to to help them solve their most difficult, cold cases. Jennifer Stone Randolph and Cairenn Binder from DNA Doe Project talked with the audience before the premiere about what the DNA Doe Project does and how it has helped to identify two of the women that Aimee Baker (author of “Doe”) profiled in her book.

Learn more: www.dnadoeproject.org

After the screening, Aimee Baker, Jason Greer & Vanessa Cicarelli took questions from the audience. You can watch that here: https://youtu.be/GiVsu4xclXQ

Watch the in-depth interview we did with Aimee, Jason & Vanessa in our studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9pmqhXDD9M