Searching for Timbuctoo | Watch & Wonder Weekly Highlight

Monday, June 17, 2 PM

For next week’s Watch & Wonder Highlight, we’re featuring the film Searching for Timbuctoo. After watching, dive deeper with resources about the Adirondack settlement in North Elba also known as “Timbuctoo,” a model for social reform conceived of in the mid 1800s, on PBS LearningMedia.

Searching for Timbuctoo tells the little-known story of a Black settlement, established in the wilds of upstate New York, that brought together a group of ardent abolitionists willing to risk their fortunes, their families, and their futures to destroy slavery. Little did they know that by coming together, they would help tear the nation apart.

PBS LearningMedia

Black Communities in the Adirondacks | Searching for Timbuctoo

Grades 6-12
Between 1821 and 1870, Black men had to own at least $250 worth of property to be eligible to vote in New York State. Frustrated by this lack of equality before the law and the persistent racism of the country, reformer Gerrit Smith, one of the wealthiest landowners in New York State, came up with a plan to distribute small plots of land to Black men in the hopes that they would soon earn the ability to vote. Students will learn about the Adirondack settlement in North Elba also known as “Timbuctoo.”

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