Royal Burlesque Ball and OVMF’s STAR TREK concert will take you on a journey this weekend !

   Montreal may have just received an unexpected snowfall, however things are heating up this weekend in the city as sexy stars take to the stage of the historic Rialto theatre for the Royal Burlesque Ball Xll and OVMF’s much anticipated STAR TREK concert is ready to welcome you aboard the Enterprise for an intergalactic journey!


If you are lucky and participate in the Star Trek Contest ( entry details below ) you might just win your double embarkation tickets !

The Royal Burlesque Ball XII

For all aficionados of frills, thrills, lace and beautiful theatrical sensuality, Monde Osé’s 12th edition of the Royal Burlesque Ball® is happening this Saturday, March 18th, at the historic Rialto Theatre in Montreal!

The Burlesque Ball is Monde Osé’s annual celebration of beauty, love, diversity, and femininity.

As one of Montreal’s most extravagant and sensual, annual theatrical events, the show is a perfect opportunity for you to glam up and participate in the Glamour, Fetish and Drama infused tease performances performed with skill and enthusiasm by local and international Burlesque queens such as past performers Roxi D’lite and Michelle L’amour.

This year’s line-up is quite promising as the show welcomes MC Laura Desiree, The Lady Josephine, King of Burlesque Ray Gunn and the Duchess of Riere: Miss Lou Lou, to the stage!

Over the past decade, the annual Royal Burlesque Ball has become a pillar event for those who appreciate Burlesque entertainment under all its art forms and glory.

Come and experience an audacious night of world-class sensuality and freedom of expression and see for yourself why the Royal Burlesque Ball distinguishes itself as a show like no other with a rebellious flair!

18+ only

March 18, 2017 @ 9:00 pm


Théâtre Rialto
5723 Av du Parc
Montréal, QC H2V

For more information on tickets please visit : 

Star Trek Music:  The Final Frontier 

This Sunday March 19th 2017, join hundreds of avid Trekkie fans as the L’Orchestre à Vents de Musiques de Films (OVMF) beams you aboard the enterprise at Marguerite Bourgeois Hall of Regina Assumption College, to experience the epic music of Star Trek!

Led for over three months by prolific Quebec born conductor Jocelyn Leblanc, the OVMF has been rehearsing his arrangements to bring to life the best theme songs of the cult series that has certainly left a mark on several generations.
With their Saturday show already sold out, you are definitely going to want to reserve your tickets to their Sunday performance before the tickets literally fly away!



Star trek Concert

March 18th 19:30 PM (SOLD OUT)

March 19th 19:00 PM    tickets still available

SALLE MARGUERITE-BOURGEOYS 1750, rue Sauriol Est Montréal, QC H2C 1X4 OVMF PHONE 514-979-6863


For your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Star Trek concert of March 19th, 2017

Please like the article, share the contest on FB and indicate in the comments section below which is your favorite Star Trek series and why:




  1. I think Star Trek Deep Space 9 was perhaps the best series notably because the screen writers managed to incorporate so many story lines involving the Klingons and the Romulans , Cardassians , ( not to mention the rebel Marquis and Bajorian conflict) along with strong stories about the threat posed by the Dominion. These stories were not only about war but sometimes about personal demons and challenges the main characters faced . Plus the episodes in the crossover alternative universe were quite interesting to watch.

  2. I think the next generation was the best star trek for various reasons. Most notably is the utter bamf known as Patrick Stewart. Aside from him, the all star cast was amongst the best ever. Although worf really came into being in ds9, his character in next gen was far more believable and his struggle was amazing to follow. While it was utmost satisfying to watch him get recognized finally by his people, young worf was much more intimidating. Now onto Data, whom can easily be said to be the strongest, most intelligent character on any star trek. I could go on and on from the epic stories involving Q, which seemed to be much more comical in the later series. The undertone of next gen was also one I feel we need even more today, that of inclusiveness under a single banner. Even an omnipotent being can be schooled with logic from a primate. Insert epic shakespeer quote.

  3. I would have to say DS9, the show felt more real than the other ones really delving into more complex issues the federation facing a legitimate threat betrayals deaths the whole package. We got to really explore the different alien races in a way we were never able to in the other series it really stood out as a series and the space battles were amazing as well.

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