Rep. Stefanik talks Border Closure and Tours Mold-Rite

The U.S. and Canada announce the Northern Border will remain closed, for at least another month, through July 21, while North Country business leaders and Congresswoman Elise Stefanik call on both countries to come up with definitive plans to get the border re-opened.
It doesn’t affect trade or essential workers who cross the border, but it is having a huge impact on tourism.

Congresswoman Stefanik visited Mold-Rite Plastics in Plattsburgh, to see safety upgrades the plant has made since the COVID-19 outbreak. There wee no layoffs at the plant during the pandemic, Mold-Rite has actually increased its work force by 10% to meet the growing demand for the billions of bottle caps it produces. The plant employs more than 500 workers, and needs to hire more, but is having trouble filling 25 open positions with people who are collecting unemployment benefits receiving additional compensation from the federal stimulus package.