On Tuesday, tune in at noon for a special broadcast of 9/11: Inside the Pentagon.

“On September 11, 2001 at 9:37AM American Flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon killing 184 people. What happened behind the walls of the Pentagon is a largely untold chapter in history. Fifteen years later, survivors and first responders shed light on that tragic day.”

On Wednesday, tune in at noon for a special broadcast of Leaning Out a documentary look at the building and design of the world trade center buildings.

“A man with a perspective like no other on the planet. The lead structural engineer of the World Trade Center oversees its construction, haunted by its fall ever since. The life and work of Leslie E Robertson, a guru in high-rise design. Driven by his pacifism/activism, fight for personal freedoms and a powerful union with accomplished engineer SawTeen See, the woman who emboldened and ultimately saved the man she loved.”