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Take a look, it’s in a book! Watch and listen as cherished books—like “Little Nino’s Pizzeria”, “Stellaluna” and “Tar Beach”—are read aloud in the classic Reading Rainbow television series. Discover activities, art projects, writing prompts and more based around the featured books and their themes.

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Reading Rainbow Stories collection

Grades K-5
The classic Reading Rainbow series, which launched in 1983 and was the most-watched PBS television show in the classroom, not only offers nostalgia but provides high-quality curriculum for children in Grades K-5 that is still relevant today. The curriculum provided here is based on the popular and beloved book segments from the television series. We invite you to watch and listen as cherished books are read. The accompanying Reading Rainbow activities are theme-based, stemming from the featured book and may include questions for discussion, art projects, or writing prompts. Reading Rainbow offers many cross-curricular opportunities as the associated classroom materials may include Social Studies, Math, Literacy, and/or Science activities all related to the feature book. 

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