Re-imagining a Legend: Josephine A Musical Cabaret, Hits a High Note at the Segal Centre

The Segal Centre is proud to conclude its 2022-2023 season on a triumphant note with the highly anticipated production of Josephine: A Musical Cabaret, which runs from May 28th to June 18th 2023.

Josephine Baker became an international superstar after moving to France in the early 20s. She starred in films in the 30s, had multiple interracial marriages and homosexual relationships, was a spy for the French Resistance, a civil rights activist, and the mother of 12 adopted children from 4 continents !

This international award-winning and off-Broadway one-woman show, is a delightful fusion of cabaret, theater, burlesque, and dance, bringing to life the captivating story of Josephine Baker, an iconic figure of the 20th Century and the first African American international superstar.

Joséphine Baker

Joséphine Baker, a multifaceted force of nature, embodied a myriad of roles throughout her remarkable life. From her humble beginnings in Saint-Louis, Missouri, in 1906, she embarked on a courageous journey away from a United States marred by racial segregation, towards the enchanting embrace of France, where her star would ascend to unprecedented heights. Her legendary repertoire, epitomized by the resounding words of “J’ai deux amours mon pays et Paris” (I have two loves, my country and Paris), reverberates with the profound affection she held for both her roots and the effervescent City of Lights.

Within the confines of France, her audacious performances were hailed with adoration, and she fearlessly shared the silver screen with white counterparts, defying societal norms. However, each return to the United States thrust her into the harsh grip of discrimination.

It was within these experiences that her unwavering commitment to the fight against racial oppression took shape, transforming her into an unwavering champion of equality and justice.


Renowned for its commitment to developing and producing new works, musicals, and cabarets, the Segal Centre showcased its expertise once again with Josephine: A Musical Cabaret.

Created by Tymisha Harris, Michael Marinaccio, and Tod Kimbro, Josephine: A Musical Cabaret reached new heights, thanks to the brilliant collaboration with Choreographer-to-the-Stars and So You Think You Can Dance’s own Sean Cheesman, along with the above mentioned exceptional creative team.

Following in the footsteps of previous successful productions like April Fools, Piaf/Dietrich (formerly known as The Angel and the Sparrow), The Hockey Sweater, A Musical, The Louder We Get (formerly known as Prom Queen), and Belles Sœurs, the Segal Centre transformed Josephine: A Musical Cabaret into a true gem.

Tymisha Harris as Josephine Baker

This revitalized production featured a host of enhancements, including stunning new costumes by Louise Bourret that brought an added layer of glamour and authenticity to the show.

Tymesha Harris performs Josephine Baker, photo by Roberto Gonzalez


The redesigned set by Bruno – Pierre Houle provided a visually captivating backdrop that perfectly complemented the story being told on stage.

Taurey Butler

Furthermore, the addition of a live band trio onstage headed by Musical Director and Montreal based pianist Taurey Butler, expanded the repertoire of songs and material, infusing the performance with even more energy and excitement.

Josephine: A Musical Cabaret took audience on a mesmerizing journey through the extraordinary life of Josephine Baker.

With the Segal Centre’s unwavering commitment to artistic excellence and their exceptional attention to detail, this production transported spectators into the heart of Josephine’s world, immersing them in a truly unforgettable theatrical experience.

Josephine A Musical runs at the Segal Centre until June 18th

*** Content Advisory 
The Segal Centre acknowledges that some of the play’s content may be difficult for some people.

 Recommended for 14+

  • Features one burlesque number with partial and tasteful nudity ( tassels )
  • Content includes historical footage of lynching, racial violence, WWII, and swastikas
  • Use of theatrical haze and strobe lighting

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