Refreshing drinks and fun tasting activities to enjoy this summer!

With summer on the horizon , it is time to take out the summer dresses, shorts, sunglasses, hit the terraces, host your own BBQ parties or just quench your thirst with a refreshing beer, cider or mixed drink.

Craving a tasty hand-crafted brew or a refreshing international pint? You are in luck, because both are staples of Montréal’s thriving microbrewery and local pub scene.

Estrella Damm, Barcelona’s most famous and popular beer, had an extraordinary introduction to the Quebec market through the Montreal Estrella Damm Gastronomic Congress: a major gastronomic event held in the city for the first time.

This event followed a succession of launches in London, Miami, Manchester, Lisbon and among others, Melbourne.

This prestigious gathering, by invitation only, took place at Bonsecours Market, in the heart of Old Montreal, and honored one of the most famous chefs in the world, Joan Roca.

Chef Joan Roca

During his time in Montreal , Roca was happy to share his culinary journey, the history of his restaurant and his signature creations during a gastronomic demonstration held at restaurant Iberica.

Sold in over 70 countries , Estrella is associated with fine dining and partners with some of the greatest chefs around the world.

The event at Marche Bonsecours introduced several local chefs and restaurant partners that prepared gourmet bites that paired well with the beer.

The Estrella brand is the oldest in Spain and the name Estrella means “star” in both Catalan and Spanish

Be sure to look out for this beloved Spanish beer in several of Montreal’s fine restaurants this summer !

To learn more about the Estrella DAMM beer company please visit their website:

A new microbrewery to discover at the Time Out Market in Montréal

Head to the Beer Bar to get a taste of artisanal brewer Microbrasserie Charlevoix !

The BEER BAR at Montreal’s Time Out Market is happy to promote the local microbrewery  Microbrasserie Charlevoix from June 1st, 2022 onwards.

Four beers will be on offer to taste : Blnx (a refreshing Premium Lager); La Vache Folle ESB (A strong red ale with floral, hoppy aromas); the Sour French Kiss (a sour thirst-quencher with cranberry and blackcurrant flavours) and the Scotch Ale Fumée (notes of peat-smoked barley, whiskey, caramel, yeast and cookies). 

An official tasting day will be held next June 8th at 5 p.m. at the TIME OUT market (a 40,000-square-foot food hall boasting some of the city’s top chefs and restaurants), where you can exchange tasting notes with the brewmaster during happy hour, or get familiar with their product lines and new offerings while sipping on a pint or two !

This microbrewer’s products are available in some of Montreal’s best restaurants, inns and grocery stores throughout Charlevoix, as well as other outlets across the province !

To learn more please visit :

Do you love cider ?

You are invited to dive right into the world of Quebec ciders during a brand new drinking event: Soif de cidre Montréal running from the 15th to the 17th of July 2022 at Hangar 1825 Canal-de-Lachine / Montréal!

If you are thirsty to savor new flavors nothing beats a festive event that celebrates the best that nature has to offer.

Meet passionate cider producers!

Soif de cidre Montréal invites you to dive into the world of Quebec cider and meet some thirty cider producers from all over the province! 

These creative and passionate artisans can magically transform apples! Discover their creations and their specialties by browsing the various kiosks and discovering their products.


Obviously, the festival won’t allow you to drink on an empty stomach! To make your cider tasting experience even more tasty and decadent, a creative and refined menu will be available on site.


Want to refresh yourself? Head to the Bistro SAQ to discover sparkling ciders and tasty cider-based cocktails! These are prepared by an inventive mixologist who cares about discovering the multiple possibilities of pairing cider with spirits, juices and other magical ingredients. 

15, 16, 17 July 2022

Location : Hangar 1825 Canal-de-Lachine in Montréal!

Special 2/1 passes available at 30 $

  • 2 daily entries to the event (July 15, 16 or 17)
  • 2 Ecocup tasting glasses
  • 20 tasting coupons
  • 2 signature cocktails

Cost of each tasting: between 2 and 7 coupons

*Free admission for children 12 and under (excluding tasting coupons)
*Additional tasting coupons will be on sale inside at a cost of $1 each.
*Tastings are at various prices.
*Cost of each tasting: between 2 and 7 coupons

For the complete festive and summery formula please visit their official website :

Follow the Chef, presented by le Château Ramezay 

An interactive theatrical circuit that explores the history of food in Montreal, presented by Château Ramezay

Did you know that the food practices of the past have trickled down to shape our current environment? Warehouses, restaurants, markets…the very layout of our cities and many buildings is intimately linked to what we eat and testifies to eating habits of the past.

Old Montreal is strewn with traces of the culinary delights of the past!

This summer get ready to be accompanied by a costumed tour guide: “The Gouverneur de Ramezay’s chef Claude Maupoint – right out of the 18th century” , as he guides you on a casual 5 to 7pm stroll throughout the eastern end of Old Montreal while pointing out historical buildings that are intimately tied to our food history’s past…

The guided visit concludes on the garden terrace of the historical Chateau Ramezay where participants will be served 4 beers directly from artisanal brewery ” Les Sœurs Grises ” accompanied by almond snacks and light animation.

To your health !

As a parting gift, participants will be handed a 20% discount coupon redeemable for food and drinks at the Brasserie Les Sœurs Grises main location in the Old Port.

Be sure to arrive a few minutes before the tour time.

• The visit (in French only) lasts between 60 to 90 minutes followed by a beer tasting, for a total duration of 120 minutes.

• It takes place, regardless of the temperature, largely outdoors. Please dress accordingly.

• The route is on foot and involves some stairs.

• The visit ends with a tasting of beers and roasted almonds.

• Suggestion: plan some time at the end to continue discovering all that Old Montreal has to offer! – Why not end your evening at the Bistro les Soeurs Grises, the official partner for this circuit!

This activity was developed with the support of the City of Montreal and the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications under the Agreement on the Cultural Development of Montreal.

Reservations can be made here : HERE

Distillerie de Montreal launches two new summer drinks :

  • A ready to drink mojito and margarita !

Owner of Distillerie de Montreal , Lilian Wolfelsberger is a 5th generation distiller, having always distilled by family tradition in France.

Upon his arrival in Quebec, he noticed that an interest in supporting local products was very present among the population and that even among connoisseurs, a certain disatisfaction about the diversity of products available in Quebec was felt.

The idea of ​​launching a distillery that would work to develop superior quality alcohol with fruits and products from Quebec took a few years to mature. With his ancestral know-how, he searched for collaborators to make his project a reality.

In 2013, he joined forces with Montreal businessman and lawyer, Stéphane Dion, to form DW inc.

To learn more about their products please visit :

@heraspirits Whiskey – The new Quebec delicate whiskey with notes of figs, cocoa and almonds (available at the @lasaq ) that is slightly less sweet and less concentrated in alcool than other leading brands !

Inspired by discovery, progress and diversity, HERA creates lower alcohol spirits that are
innovative, unifying and symbolic. The approach is simple: use high quality, local and natural
ingredients making it possible to reinvent great classics that better align with the values and
tastes of today’s alcohol enthusiast.

HERA is derived from the words “HER, HE & ERA,” and speaks to the potential that
at any given moment anyone has the power to create a new era in their lives...which is exactly what founder Marissa Fortin did !

Having grown up in a typical Canadian household in Quebec, by her mid 20s, Marissa Fortin
found herself living the “perfect life,: holding a good job, engaged to be married and shopping for a first house…Yet despite all the trappings of a “good life,” she was neither happy nor satisfied.

And so, she quit. Everything. Right down to the fiancé, the apartment in the city and the white picket fence future.

Marissa decided to create a life for herself free from conventions and based on the passions and desire coming from the inside, not what was being pressed upon her by society.

That’s when the development of HERA Delicate Whisky Liqueur began.

“Whisky had always intrigued me due to its long history, its taste profiles and its symbolism;
however, I was never able to appreciate it because I found the flavour and alcohol too intense,”
says Marissa.

Her goal was to create a whisky that was more pleasant and delicate, preserving the whisky taste, without making it sweet. She wanted a spirit that is not too strong or sweet and can be enjoyed neat on the rocks, without the need to add soda.

Enjoy the delicate caramelized fragrance of HERA- aged 6 years !

HERA contains 25% alc /vol and has won the Women’s wine and spirit award in 2021 !

Look for it at your local SAQ and at trade shows across the province !

For more information please visit :