Quebec City Shootings, Travel Ban and a Pioneer in Medicine

QUEBEC CITY SHOOTINGS: A mass shooting Sunday night left 6 dead at a mosque in Quebec City. Thousands joined Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a vigil to remember and honor the victims. Trudeau said the massacre would not stop Canada from opening its borders to refugees & immigrants. A 27-year old college student from Quebec, who posted xenophobic and anti-immigrant rants on social media, has been charged with the murders. Police say it appears, he acted alone.

TRAVEL BAN: Canadians joined thousands of Americans staging protests this week in opposition to the executive order on immigration signed by President Donald Trump. After uncertainty over who it covers, came assurances from the Administration that it would not apply to Canadians looking to cross the border, even those with dual citizenship from any of the seven predominately Muslim countries that, under the President’s Order, are temporarily banned from entering the United States.

PIONEER IN MEDICINE: Tuberculosis was one of the deadliest diseases in human history that struck America with a vengeance in the late 1800s. Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau, a tuberculosis sufferer himself, opened the nation’s first sanatorium to treat patients in the Adirondacks, while doing exhaustive research looking for the cure that would elude scientists until the discovery of an antibiotic, a half century later. Mary Hotaling, a writer from Saranac Lake, New York has written a new biography on Trudeau’s life, and work, dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of tuberculosis. Book can be purchased online:

Watch PBS American Experience on tuberculosis epidemic: The Forgotten Plague Sunday February 5th 12pm on Mountain Lake PBS.