Prayer for the French Republic ~ Exploring the Resilience of the Human Spirit.

Paris 1944 – A Jewish couple faces the impact of the Holocaust and anxiously awaits news from their family …

2016 – Their great grandchildren’s lives are upended by a rise of antisemitism and the arrival of a new “Jewish cousin” from America.

The cast of Prayer for the French Republic – Taken at opening night
Photo par Leslie Schachter

Prayer for the French Republic,” the latest production to hit the Sylvan Adams Theatre at the Segal Centre, was written by the multi-award-winning playwright Joshua Harmon and directed by Lisa Rubin.

The play is a charming dark comedy, from the writer of the smash hit “Bad Jews,” that explores the impact of the Holocaust on a Jewish couple in 1944 Paris, and how the effects trickle down the generation line to more than 70 years later, when their great-grandchildren face a rise in antisemitism in their hometown and they are forced to ask the same questions as their ancestors: “Are we safe where we live ?” , ” Why so much hatred ?Should we stay or should we leave ?

The answers aren’t always easy coming especially when you have elders to take care of and a 5 generations piano business to run …

The story is both poignant and thought-provoking, making it a must-see for theater-goers everywhere.

Harmon’s signature biting dialogue and cutting wit infuse the play with energy and passion, earning it the coveted 2022 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play.

With French surtitles offered throughout the run, the audience will be transported to the heart of Paris and the depths of history, as the play sheds light on France’s unique role as one of the safest countries for Jews to live in, despite anti-Semitic sentiment and persecution.

‘Prayer for the French Republic’ not only offers a captivating theatrical experience, but also provides a poignant look at the lasting impact of the Holocaust on Jewish survivors, and the complex attitudes people have towards the creation of Israel.

The spectacular scene ( almost a monologue!) between Arielle Shiri as ELODIE Benhamou who is spending an “informative” bonding moment with American cousin MOLLY , performed by Madison Graves.


Through the masterful storytelling of Harmon and Rubin, beautiful set and costumes , this production offers a nuanced and powerful exploration of history, home, and the resilience of the Jewish people.

Don’t miss out on this must-see theatrical experience!”


Running April 23rd to May 14th at the Segal Centre

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