Play Together as a Family: Puzzles, DIY Board Games, & More!

Whether it’s a jigsaw, crossword, sudoku, or good old fashioned board game, puzzles and interactive games are a great way to have fun and learn at the same time! Playing with games and puzzles as a family is first and foremost a great way to spend quality time. But it can also help introduce and reinforce a variety of academic topics, improve hand-eye coordination and spatial skills, and give kids an approachable way to learn goal setting.

By bringing back family game night, or just breaking out a game the next time everyone is at the house together, parents can strengthen relationships with their kids while helping them develop the problem solving skills they need for life outside of home.

Keep scrolling for fun all-ages puzzles, brain teasing crosswords, and DIY board games you can build at home as a family!

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DIY Puzzles and Board Games

Pirates + Peaches Board Game

Grades PreK-K
Pirates love peaches! So do Peg and Cat! And the peaches on pirate island are extra sweet and juicy! So help Peg, Cat, and the pirates collect as many peaches as they can with this make-at-home board game.

Create a Puzzle Box

Grades PreK-2
In the PBS KIDS show Molly of Denali, Molly and Tooey discover a beautiful puzzle box underneath a floorboard. Help your child make a puzzle box with a secret compartment to hide treasures.

Play “Jet’s Solar System Game”

Grades K-2
Fly through the solar system with Jet in this fun board game!

Play With Your Food! Tangram Puzzle Sandwiches

Grades PreK-5
Ready to eat some geometry? Here’s a quick way to turn lunchtime into math play with a tasty tangram puzzle!

DIY Popsicle Stick Puzzle

Grades K-8
Use popsicle sticks to create your own puzzle in this activity from Zoom. Once you’ve made your own puzzle, challenge a friend to try to put it together!

Crosswords, Word Searches & Brain Teasers

Secret Sequence Scrambler

Grades K-2
Odd Squad needs you to solve a secret sequence scramble! Create a set of how-to steps for an activity.

Marine Word Search

Grades K-5
Explore this marine-themed word search from PBS LearningMedia to find all the hidden words. Look forwards, backwards, up, down, and diagonal to find phrases, ecosystems, and animals from the ocean!

WordGirl Word Scramble

Grades 1-3
Unscramble the letters in this puzzle to reveal some of WordGirl’s favorite words!

NOVA Online | A Cosmic Crossword

Grades 6-12
Try your hand at NOVA Online‘s first crossword puzzle. Think you’re up on your basic physics? Know your laser from your light-year? Your newton from your neutrino? Your quark from your quantum? Try your hand at this digital crossword puzzle.

Play Online Games as a Family

Xavier Story Creator

Grades PreK-K
Your child can create their own stories using an interactive mad-libs style of play, with a little help from Xavier Riddle and his friends! This is a great game to tell stories together while also introducing children to great writers from history.

Elinor Hide & Seek Game

Grades PreK-K
Play a game of hide and seek with Elinor and friends while also learning how animals use camouflage to blend into their surroundings. This game can be played alone or with friends and family!

Pinkamazing Family Game

Grades PreK-3
It’s family game time! Your family can take turns drawing, acting, singing and dancing in this game with fun and unique prompts from Pinkalicious. As many as six players can join in on the fun!

Family History Fun Game

Grades 1-5
In this online game from Arthur, interview family members about their childhoods. Learn about relatives’ nicknames, pets, favorite books, and much more!