Plattsburgh Cares Talks About How Their Mission Has Changed Over the Past Year

Some of the migrants from Roxham Road are now ending up in the Plattsburgh area where Clinton County Social Services and other groups like Plattsburgh Cares are pitching in to help. The leaders of Plattsburgh Cares join us to talk about how their mission has changed in the past year.

Plattsburgh Cares is looking for volunteers to help pack emergency food bags, they also are looking for interpreters and drivers. Visit their website and Facebook to learn more:

Plattsburgh Cares recently held a roundtable discussion with volunteers and talked about how their mission has changed over the past year with the closing of the Roxham Road Border Crossing between Champlain, NY and Hemmingford, Quebec. Also, the group heard from Plattsburgh Cares Volunteer Janet McFetridge on how what she does to assist migrants in need has changed in the past year: