A clinical trial underway at Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital in Plattsburgh could help determine if recovered COVID-19 patients can help those who are still sick. Jake Avery, from Plattsburgh, shared the story of his battle against the Coronavirus with us last month. He has since recovered, and is now trying to help others by donating his plasma at the CVPH blood bank.
Doctors are researching the effect a recovered patient’s plasma could have on another patient still in the throes of COVID-19. They hope the recovered patient’s antibodies will help fight the disease in someone who is still sick. Avery is one of three area donors. Only one Plattsburgh patient has received plasma so far, and seems to be doing better. Each donation from the donor can help about 5 people.
Info on plasma donations at CVPH: https://www.cvph.org/Departments-and-Programs/Blood-Donor-Center/