PBS KIDS Family Movie Night | New Year’s Eve Countdown

It’s time again to gather the gang for a PBS KIDS Family Night, a weekly family viewing event featuring movie specials and fun, themed programming.

This time around, let’s get ready to ring in 2023 with a New Year’s Eve countdown of our favorite PBS KIDS shows.

Catch it all on the PBS Kids 24/7 channel or online with the PBS Kids Free Video App.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
12/30 – 1/01

“Arthur’s First Sleepover / Arthur’s New Year’s Eve”
7 PM

In “Arthur’s First Sleepover,” the boys feel a bit uneasy being outside in the dark, due to the recent reports of UFO sightings. Arthur has a hard time staying up to find out what really happens at midnight, on “Arthur’s New Year’s Eve.”

“A Reboot Eve to Remember”
7:30 PM

Delete joins forces with the CyberSquad to build a giant windmill for the little town of Bottawa after Hacker steals its power source.

Word Girl
“Hello New Year, Good Bye Moon / Art in the Park”
8 PM

It’s New Years Eve! While the Botsfords celebrate with the greatest party ever, Dr. Two Brains is planning to turn the moon into cheese. In “Art in the Park” Becky agrees to help out Violet with her poetry/painting/music performance. Meanwhile, Mr. Big has turned into a self-help guru, touting a good kind of mind control.

Odd Squad
“Blob on the Job / Party of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1”
8:30 PM

In “Blob on the Job,” Olive and Otto compete against viral agents to catch a blob that has gotten loose in Odd Squad headquarters. People in town can no longer count down in “Party of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.”

Nature Cat
“The Legend of Gold Gardens / Winter Dance Party”
9 PM

In “The Legend of Gold Gardens,” obstacles may stand in the way as Nature Cat and the gang try to locate the Gardens of Gold. And in “Winter Dance Party,” Daisy forgets to plan the Winter Solstice Dance Party.

Watch, Play & Learn

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